Chess and Hollywood

For all the talk about chess not being a sponsor-worthy sport in the USA, I’d offer this link.  It really got to me that there was a picture of James Dean in it, playing over a pocket-set.

Chess and Hollywood

This song always makes me think of Hollywood.  If you’ve never heard this song by the Kinks, you need to hear it.

My G/24 game were not well-played by me, but they were instructive as to what I am doing wrong.

Round 1

From afar, it would appear that Black did not deserve the brutal shellacking that was received, but in the seeds of defeat there were many positional concessions that lead up to this.  I would say that Expert Paul Anderson is a Master of strategic play.  He can play like this at blitz too, and has this Capablanca-esque talent for finding and playing strategic moves with seemingly little effort.

After the game, we played a blitz game where I was Black and played this same line but without …g5, and I fared only a little longer as he played Ne5xNd7, then Bg5xNf6, and then Qh7+ …Kf8 which turned out to be more than just an annoyance after his f4-f5 push like in this game.

3…d5?!  White is going to play a Torre Attack (c3 and e3, so this move is not as good here because I will have nothing to take with; i.e., ..dxc4 or ..dxe4), better here is …b6!? (with the idea of …Ba6) or …d6

6…dxc?!  Even a c4!? idea is better than this – it can’t be played yet, though – as White is slowly getting this one-way street of a strategical game/attack.

10…h6?! Dubious in this position, pawn formation, because Black has no dynamic play and no counter-attack available, so it is a pure weakness.  Even the less cheerful looking 10…Qc7!? would be better as after 11.BxN gxB with the idea of 12…Bf4, Black is controlling some ground, and can reduce the number of attackers by one, if needed, or play …e5.

11…g5?  I didn’t want to play …Be7 or …Qc7, but either move is better than this.   11…Be7, then 12…Ne8 looks like a better defense than what I played.

12…Qc7?!  it’s one sub-standard move after another.  Here I should have gone with my first instinct to play 12…BxBg3, 13.hxg Qe8, and then he won’t have a healthy pawn-structure to attack my king-side with.

16…Na5?  Fiddling while Rome burns.  16….Ne8 with ….f5 and …Ng7 would be a better plan.  At this point, I couldn’t come up with a plan, as I was not familiar with this position and had little time to contemplate it.  My “counterplay” was a joke, non-existent, and I knew it OTB as well.

Round 2

Here is my embarrassing win.

13.Nd5  I thought about playing 13.e5 here, but didn’t want to waste time looking at it, as I was still not sure of myself at this time-control (which is, incidentally, G/24, d/5).  After the game, Paul A wanted to see my game and didn’t think this worked.  What I see now is 13.e5 dxe, 15.dxe Rc6, and it’s a bit unclear, but would appear that Black is just up a piece for a pawn.  Right after I played my move, I could see that 13…Nb6 would give him a decent attack.

15.Be3?  I strongly contemplated 15.b3, but again lacked the confidence to play it at this time-control.

17…Qb6?!  I was happy to see this move, as I felt that 17…Nc4 would have been more or less winning.

22…Qxa2?  “Yes, drop the chalupah!”  It would have been a witch of a game to play after 22….Qa4 in time-trouble.  Thankfully, he made it very easy on me, so that I will have at least one point going into rounds 3 and 4 next week.


6 thoughts on “Chess and Hollywood

  1. I think the move order for white is a little off. I think it went 14. Rc1 15. Bb1 16. Qe2. However, it is funny how the undeveloped Rook didn’t have an impact on the attack! The Chess and Hollywood link was awesome.

  2. I was out of the city on weekend, so didn’t comment. Got some needed rest, btw.
    Round 1 – I personally don’t like g5, but computer is OK with it, though recommends Bxg3, as you thought. I had a feeling that if you embed your queen into his kingside, then after exchange he has almost nothing. Computer confirmed that, recommending 14… Qf4.
    So, if you are careful with this structure, you should be OK.

    Round 2 – Your bishop sacrifice and Ng5/Nd5 were kind of shocking. 🙂
    The line 13.e5 dxe, 14.dxe Rf5 15. e6 makes it equal, you get your piece back.
    Better line for Black would be 11. Ng5 Qb6 with some, not big advantage for Black after you take a rook on f7.
    I think the whole position after your sacrifice was above his paygrade, that explains what happened next.

  3. 14…Qf4 Never even occurred to me, thanks bud! I didn’t even know how you meant by embedding the queen until I saw this move – it’s as if I had a blind-spot for this possibility.

    Aww, shucks, those were nice compliments! 🙂 I was completely busted, of course, had he played …Qa4 instead of taking on a2….”but he didn’t see it!” as Ben FineGold would say. haha. After 14…Rf5, I was thinking just 15.g4, not sure why engine doesn’t choose 14…Rc6 instead – goes to show those are the types of positions that engines really excel in. I didn’t like his …Rf6 OTB, as you say, but then it put more demand on finding a concrete line of refuting it, which worked given the time-control.

    That 1100 kid, Jesse, that I drew the other month, he beat an 1870 rated kid a couple weeks back and is 1292 now. Can’t help but think he refuted an idea I had seen when I had looked at this game:
    8.Bb5! Bd7, 9.Qxe4. Inserting that into this game, is basically what he did to me in my game with him.

  4. You are right, and after 9.Ne2 Bd7, 10.Ne2-c3 Qxd5, 11.Qxd4 QxQ, 12.NxQ then White has three pawn islands and Black is already better. It is difficult for me to play this strong sort of chess where the goal is to out-finesse the opponent positionally; I’m much more of a “WWIII”, “……get…ready…to…rumble!” type of player. 😀

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