February Flash Part II – Eyes Wide Shut

Round 3

A strange game on the clocks.  We both went down to about 14 minutes together, but I ended up with 9 and 1/2 minutes remaining to Mark’s 2 seconds, which explains the finish.

24…Qb5??, trying to flag his last 2 seconds with this double-attack, not noticing that I am giving up a forced mate.

26.Qg5??  25.Qh4+, as Mark so rightly pointed out after the game, is mating.

After the game, going over the game with Earl, Pete, and Alex, I pointed out that I have a simple win here still 24….Bxf2+, 25.QxBf2 RxBc1+, 26.Kg2 Bf1+, 27.QxBf1 QxQ mate.

As a reminder, this tournament was played at G/24, d/5.  It seems crazy that Black was winning down a full-rook, but I was feeling it as soon as I gave up that d-pawn, and I felt it was a done deal after he wasted the tempo playing Bg2xb7, was very glad to see Mark fall into my traps, particularly given the time-pressure it was costing him.

Round 4

In this game, it’s rather simple, I took fruitless positional risks that added up to a busted position.

6…Bd6, 7.BxBd6.  Now, as Earle pointed out, White gets in f4 in one go, and as I noticed the queen is misplaced on d6 and much better placed on e7.

9…Nc6?!  Here I am taking a ridiculous positional risk.  I felt that …Nd7 was more solid, and makes sense after …Ne4, then …Nd7-f6.

12…Nd4.  Around this point, I couldn’t create an active nor solid plan, and my position deteriorates rapidly.  The end was predictable.


3 thoughts on “February Flash Part II – Eyes Wide Shut

  1. Round 3 – Nxd4 looked shocking to me. I couldn’t evaluate it and had to use the computer. It gave White a big advantage, like +4. 24….Bxf2+ is not winning for Black, because White can play 25. Kg2 or later Re1 after Rxc1 in your line.
    But the thing is White didn’t have time to calculate properly in this complicated position (that was created by your sacrifice by the way) and failed to find mate, losing the queen instead.

  2. Round 4 – you were OK until exchange sacrifice, which was impulsive I think.
    You described exactly what happened next.

  3. Round 4 just seemed like a strategic nightmare, and I sacked to give myself play, but it was all in vain, would have required a monumental defensive job, or finding exact/only moves, IMHO, which I didn’t have much of a clue of what they were.

    Round 3, was the the coffee-house express coming full-bore down on White’s position. I couldn’t see how my position was that bad from a practical perspective after the sac, and at least he had a bit of a defensive task in front of him. Good to know the engine thought I was -4, would be interesting to look at more closely.

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