Clear Second

Final Round

Up until move 13.Qb8?, this position looks as if it must be a tabiya, as a lot of logic has gone into both sides play, but starting with move thirteen, Black makes a series of technical errors that only compound his problem.  Before this down-slide, it would seem about as equal as Black could reasonably expect from an opening variation.

If anyone asks, I can say that I have reached a smothered mate position OTB, except of course that my opponent resigned before I could demonstrate it, which is probably mostly what happens in these situations.  I don’t see why it would be that uncommon in practice, for a Class player.


2 thoughts on “Clear Second

  1. I don’t like his Qb8, it looks very passive and you got advantage. Liked your d5, very good.
    The decisive mistake is 21… Bg7, he had to play Qf4 instead.
    It is nice that you saw that smothered mate motif.
    I reached it a few times in online blitz, but do not remember doing it OTB.
    Enjoyed that song. 🙂

  2. Thanks! hehe. Yes, he sort of blitzed his way into trouble there with 21….Bg7, and his moves were more geared to finding winning swindles than on how to restore the balance. I saw the smothered mate quickly because that pattern seems to come up such as in one of Tartakower’s games, and one of Alex’s games.

    I’m glad you liked the song! 🙂 Neil Young is from Canada. His greatest hits are remarkable. A lot of soft songs are in there too, which are amazing but hardly played.

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