The Veresov

I played my Round 2 game, after all, and I’m glad I did.  I wanted to be up there for Alexander in case anything terrible happened to his grandma, who is still in the hospital since earlier in the morning.  As it turned out his Mom came down to Denver to meet him at the hospital, so I just went straight home.

This game is one of those that looks a lot more lopsided than it really was.

10…Bxg4?  I should have played 10…dxe4, as she can now play 11.exd5.  Being not as comfortable as her with this opening, my timing of …dxe4 was possibly two moves later than it should have been.

11.Rg1??  It’s now a forced win for White.

14…f5.  She gave me plenty of time on her clock to find everything after this move.  If 15.Ng5 Bb4+, 16.c3 Bxc3+ (I discovered that 16…Re8+ doesn’t work, or at least not in terms of the quicker victory, so I changed the move-order), 17.bxc3 Qxc3+ and then 18…Re8+ or …QxRa1+ as appropriate, is winning rather easily.

16.Nf3??  I was hoping for this, and let her know that 16.Rh8 was forced, after the game.

18.Kd2??  Walking into one of two forced mates.  She had to play 18.Rd1 if she wanted to play on longer.

Actually 11.Rg1?? is losing because it allows an unfavorable “pull move” as I call them, or removing the defender.  I was expecting 11.Nf3-d2, which is why I didn’t take on e4 first.  It’s funny how so much analysis gets crammed in during a game that it can be difficult to keep it straight.  She saw as much as I did during the game, but she had less focus, and you can see how at this point I had done a better job OTB of refining the principal variation.  I could add more analysis that I saw behind the opening moves, but don’t have time to blog here what I saw OTB yet.


3 thoughts on “The Veresov

  1. Congratulations on your win!
    She played too aggressively, without any safety precautions. Will comment in detail later.

    I played yesterday, had Black against ~1650 rated boy.
    I got myself into trouble in the middlegame and to get some chances sacrificed exchange on f3. He didn’t play the best moves, eventually missed a skewer and I got my exchange back.
    Then I developed a strong attack on the kingside, plus got a passed pawn on the queenside.
    It was enough.

  2. 10. g4 and 11. Rg1 were bad moves.
    O-O-O on 10th or 11th move was much better.
    14. Qg2 was the crucial mistake, I like your attack starting from f5.

  3. 10.g4 was a quick-move, blunder. 11.Rg1 was a super blunder (in my notes, I said I expected to see 11.Nd2). 14.Qg2 was a (predictable) mistake, because after 14.Rg2, she keeps the threat of Ng5/Qh5 alive, which might get me to at least exchange my bishop for knight, when White still keeps up the threat of an attack.

    I think that her safety precaution move was the early trade on f6, but that alone isn’t enough. She could have castled 0-0-0 on move 10, but not on move 11. Instead of playing g4, she should have been trying to castle 0-0, like I told her after the game, or at least that’s my feeling, although either castling side is possible.

    Thanks, and congrats on your win! 🙂

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