Poor Clock Management

Round 2

I played a new opening variation response against Rhett’s standard system, and then really began to wonder, after his a4, how I was going to defend my e-pawn after Nc4 and b5.  Luckily, the answer was after exchanging on b4, to play Bxf2+ and then Ra8xRa1 – once he plays Bb2, this rook will no longer hang, but he was reticent to play that, and from going to this “How can I possibly defend?” and “Help me, I forgot how the pieces move!” sort of feeling, I pretty much deciphered this opening system and then got a winning advantage.

I spent a really long time on my moves, and contemplated 17…Nd3, being simply up a pawn with still the better position as well, but I wanted to simplify in my time-pressure.

26…Qxd4?!  h6 might be better.  I was just in over my head in this position with the amount of time I had available.

35….Nxb4.  I wanted to lure him with the perpetual here, desiring a draw because of my lack of time.

37….Kf8?? I had just under a minute and half here, and told myself to really look at this position when I look up from writing down my move.  But instead, I was too tight, looked up and made the move, then immediately resigned after his move.  No doubt he would have continued to work my clock with his 15 remaining minutes.  We looked at 37…Kh8, 38.Qe3 Nc6, 39.Kh3.  If I continue with …Qg7, he has 40.Bc3 Ne5, 41.Qd4 f6, 42.Qd8+ Qg7, 43.Qxc7, threatening Qb7.  He could have definitely made my life miserable in my time-pressure and likely wins with his clock advantage still, since I have the much looser king.  He plays the opening defensively, usually, but then is the best swindler later on.

I had 25 seconds more than I would have had it been G/90 – but I’m also required to write down my moves – so basically I lost a G/90 game to an Expert, as Black, so I take a little of a moral victory there, but I also know where I need to make big improvements, later in the game.  BTW, Tuesdays are G/75, 30/inc.

Late addition:  Expert Paul Anderson gave my a good ribbing for not winning this game, pointing out for instance that 16…Qg3 is instantly winning, based on Qxg3.  He joked “Once you win a pawn, you should sac for his un-developed pieces” (the f2 sac of mine was pretty terrible).  Then, given the continuation at the end of the game I showed above after Qd1+ and Qxc2, he played Queen to h-file check, and then mated me as White with Qh1 mate (after a few more checks) – IOW, he found the queen and knight mate that I felt did not exist OTB.

I’ll post my Wednesday game when I get home.


6 thoughts on “Poor Clock Management

  1. I didn’t like his opening at all.
    Nxh3 was good, you have a strong attack if he accepts. I would probably play 16… Qg6 instead of 16… Bxf1 ( saw it before reading your your addition )
    His 24. Nd4 was bad and you got an advantage. Then time was a big factor.
    I am writing it being in a hospital 200 km from Toronto, since yesterday, with my mom, heart problems, she is better now. Played on Thursday against rusty master, he didn’t play officially since 1998. I had White, Sicilian. He played well, then we got equal position, repeated the moves and I missed 3-fold repetition. But he didn’t want a draw, played along and then made mistakes in time pressure. Endgame was mine and I won.
    You didn’t reply to my comments to your previous game, can I ask why? Don’t get offended with my late replies, I have tough ongoing divorce process taking tall on me. Now it’s also mom, hopefully she gets released on Monday night. Almost sure I’ll not play then.

  2. I was too tight by that point, low on time and too worried about the clock. Sensed his 24.Nd4 was bad, but didn’t know until you told me. I did better in a quick-chess tournament the other day G/24, d/5, went 3-1. A difference in this situation is that it’s easy to sense that the opponent has a massive amount of time, rather than to play good moves. At quick-chess, I sensed that everyone was extremely nervous about time-pressure, fumbling their moves more, and of course not keeping score. I’ll post the games later. I wasn’t nervous at all compared to my opponents – one reason is because I knew that they didn’t have much time either, starting on move one.

    I replied to your post on the Veresov. I must have forgotten to reply at some point, it’s been a bit ridiculous over here as well. Dean’s mother passed away, Alex’s grandma is out of the hospital after being in the ICU on a ventilator for a few days. Alex’s sister got a concussion after flipping over her mother’s car 3x and totalling it. Been spending too much time at the bar. Got my taxes done, drivers license renewed, went to a job interview where she forgot she had scheduled it, so I went back home.

    Rusty Master probably doesn’t understand that he should be asking _you_ for the draw. 😉 Nice win! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your mother; it’s good that you are seeing her, and helping take care of her. That sucks about the divorce process. I know zero, but I would guess that without legal fees it would be a lot less stressful – man against woman court case over anything just sounds bad. At my job today I talked down a guy threatening legal action, bout an hour long call, no supervisor available to escalate it to. I was helpful as I could be, but my situation is different because I can talk directly to the person complaining, unlike in a divorce process where emotion can replace logic, particularly this being tough on the man. Hang in there, I know it’s hard times, I’ll pray for you.

  3. Thanks for your support!
    I am still at sister’s. We alternating sitting sith mom.
    Without a lawyer it would be more stressful, because he defends your interests and knows laws much, much better than you.
    I will try to post my game.

  4. Awesome! That’s great to hear!!

    Oh boy, don’t I know about the other thing. This woman that I went out on a quick dinner-date with once called me back just to find out if I got this other job, and then belittled me. That’s the thing about dating sites, some men fish for sex, and some women fish for money, it’s just disappointing that’s all.

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