Too Insistent

Round 3

I feel as though I won this game because, while I may have been a little too insistent on playing for a win, my opponent was even more insistent, too insistent, in playing for a win, and that is really the reason for his c4 blunder at the end of the game.  It wasn’t just that one move though, it was other moves as well, and interestingly enough that’s why I also won against his sister.  Themes might run in families because I beat Rhett’s dad Dwayne on Friday, in a different theme, yet it was possibly thematic of why I should have won against his son on Tuesday as well.


2 thoughts on “Too Insistent

  1. Congratulations!
    I didn’t like his Qf3 and dxc3. I think you were feeling the position better and better put your pieces. The game looks like one-sided.
    I’ll comment more later.

  2. In addition:
    Both 23. Nf4 ( Nd4 better ) and 23… e2 ( Rf8 ) were mistakes.
    24. Nd3 was a decisive mistake, you could win on the spot after 24… Be3+.
    Then you didn’t miss that chance again after c4.

    I posted my Thursday’s game.

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