Quick-Rated Tournament

This tournament was from last Friday, and only affected everyone’s quick rating.  But I have to confess that from the moment I stepped in I was thinking that all of these strong players show up for this tournament because it won’t affect their real-rating.  In light of this, I am including people’s regular ratings in the game descriptions, since it gives a better indication of their real chess strength and understanding.

I played in this tournament to help get me to make moves more quickly, but I found out that  time-usage is all about percentage of clock remaining, when it comes to time-management.  Alex was right, the reduced time generally hurt my opponents more than it did me because I wasn’t worried about blundering –  where they suddenly have half an hour to figure out how to refute it all the way to mate.  No sir, that fear was greatly diminished at quick-chess.

Round 1

Round 2

I can’t give this game justice by the score.  I did play badly as indicated, but then it got tactical where I attacked his rook, then he somehow forked mine with this knights, and then I set up these wicked piece-sacs where he could go wrong but didn’t.  It must be indicative of more bad play on my part and creative play on his part, but I just can’t figure it all out.  I didn’t win that a-pawn so soon, and he was playing his Nc6 and all sort of crazy stuff that I can’t deduce logically from the postion.  hehe.  Needless to say it was lost for White here a bunch of different ways and there is no need to analyze the continuation any further (it takes longer to figure this much out than it did to play the whole game!).

Way too many pawn pushes and confused rook moves on my part in this game.

Round 3

Round 4

I played Aleksandr as Black and won, and will play him again as Black next Wednesday.  Any prep suggestions!? 😀  In the game, his a3 move in the opening rather passed the buck, and he only blundered from there.  The game was over after he won a pawn and thus traded rooks in the process, and then he had to sac his bishop for a passed pawn and it was all smooth-sailing from there.

7.a3?! was weak, but a scary continuation here, for example, would be 7.f5 Nd4, 8.Ng5, h6, 9.h4! A Fishing-Pole!  So….if 7.f5, then …Na5 would seem mandatory, and that is likely why he was playing 7.a3 first.


3 thoughts on “Quick-Rated Tournament

  1. 3/4 is a good result, congratulations!

    Round 1: Difference in class definitely shows, especially in the end, where he misses mate threat on f1.

    Round 2: Difficult to judge, as it’s not full, still 20. Rab1 was a serious blunder.

    Round 3: 9. Ne4 was a mistake as it loses a pawn. I liked how you penetrated his kingside.

    Round 4: 14. Qf2 was his serious mistake, he didn’t see at all Ng4, it proves his next move. Even so, 16. d4 was better than Qxc5+.
    25. Rd7 was a mistake, he could play 26. c8Q Rxc8 27. Be6. He would also win your bishop later. You missed 30. Rxc6 with a win, his back-rank is very weak.
    Regarding preparation – you seem kind of comfortable with his Vienna, it’s good. Maybe go through a few lines.
    So, just be careful in the middlegame.
    In the endgame judguing by two of your games you are probably a bit better than him.

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