Refuting the Refutor

Round 4

18…Bd6 might seem crazy, but it’s going to be loose on any other square, and if 18…Qxh2, double-attacking Ne5 and Rg1, which I was expecting to see him play, then I have the pretty 19.Qd7+ Kb8, 20.Qd8+! NxQ, 21.Nd7 mate.  I confess that I did not see this OTB (maybe he did?), but I did see it as I was putting in the moves to the game a few minutes ago.

After the game, I told him it wasn’t wise to try and refute my opening play, and that I could played sharper and possibly refuted his move-order with 6.Nc3 Qe6+ (say), 7.Be3 Nf6, 8.Nb5!, but I wanted to manage my clock and not get sharp so early (but theoretically probably should have).  We played another post-mortem game starting with a normal C3 tabiya where he once again declared that he was winning a pawn (after I told him not try it), whereby I ended up winning a piece out of it and that game, too.

A pretty finish to this game could be 19….Rd8, 20.RxN+ bxR (forced), 21.Qxc6+ Kb8, 22.Nd7+ RxN, 23.QxR Qxh2??, 24.Rxg7 followed by 25.Rg8 mate.

When Paul met us at the bar, he said he had fritzed it after the game, and Fritz was suggesting the Rxc6+ followed by Qa6+, but that line was getting messy, even after trading my dark-squared bishop for his …Ra8.  I simply didn’t want to trade off my attacking force like that, but yeah, everything should be winning, more or less.  😉


4 thoughts on “Refuting the Refutor

  1. His play in the opening doesn’t look serious.
    You know, I started my chess studies many years ago from “attack on non-castled king”.
    Yes, your line 19.Qd7+ Kb8, 20.Qd8+! NxQ, 21.Nd7 is really nice.
    By the way I saw that exchange sacrifice Rxc6 before reading Paul’s comment, but didn’t analyze deep. Good game!

    I played tonight, didn’t sleep and thought I shouldn’t go, but couldn’t give it up and sit home.
    So I got a 20 minutes nap and went there.
    Played with 1500+ rated guy, he is playing well in this tournament. Got Black, pressured him, but didn’t find a win and agreed to a draw in drawn rook endgame.

  2. I’ll post my game from Wednesday, very disappointing that I made this uncharacteristic defensive blunder, and saw it as I was taking my hand away from the piece. It was a tired lapse, so I can completely relate if you made one as well. 😦 😉

  3. I got sufficient, for me, sleep before the game. I simply wasn’t motivated after the opening, and wasn’t feeling motivated that day in general, especially not physically. A draw against 1500 sounds bad to others, but is really not a poor result in the purest chess sense. I’m okay with drawing even 1200 if I have to, it’s losing that I mostly want to avoid, although I am not afraid to just play on and on, like I used to be.

    Thanks for your kudo! 🙂 It might sound odd, but I’ve felt rusty tactically, ever since that won game against Rhett that I lost. I should study tactics. I didn’t want to play this way against him so much, well yes I really did want a quick, cheap, tawdry tactical win, but it has more to do with my opponent, the direction the game took, than with myself, so as Bronstein might infer, my opponent who lost deserves much of the credit! hehe.

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