Round 1 Games

Round 1 Tuesday

In this game, I avoided attacks and sacs early on, tried to get my “sea legs”, and could have probably played lots of improvements.  I also made quite a few mistakes.  However, once he got a good position and initiative, he didn’t quite know what to do with it, and I easily took advantage of that – even with only two minutes on my clock, didn’t matter with the increment.

Round 1 Wednesday

17…Rd3!  I played this move so that if 18.Qc1, then …Rae8, and White cannot place the Nb3-c1 to defend e2 because the queen would be on c1.  After 18.Qc2, there is a windmill tactic winning both White’s f3 and h3 pawns.

I believe the only Round 1 upset in either tournament was Will Wolf’s drawing of Anthea, but he is also very under-rated (nevertheless, I I had no trouble against him in a couple of skittles games, but he has a very mature feel for standard openings – his Latvian gambit appeared to be a terrible choice against me in skittles).


4 thoughts on “Round 1 Games

  1. Tuesday’s game – it goes slow first 30 moves, I would probably play Nd6 at some point, don’t see much more than that. Then his Ra8 was bad and put it out of play.
    I liked your 40. Nxf5, after that he is lost.

  2. Wednesday’s game – f3 is not only tactical, but also positional mistake, White has to castle.
    I thought about 13… Nd3+, but maybe Qe7 is stronger.
    Yeah, Rd3 is good and winning.

  3. Tuesday’s game, I should have played Nd6, yes. I also played …Be-f2? (I was thinking about playing the natural h3, and possibly g4, but didn’t and made this poor move as I tried to pick up the pace of play), allowing …g5 (he offered a draw before playing this move), …g4, but luckily for me he played …g5xf4, nipping his own attack in the bud. But like I say, he didn’t really know what to do with a better position, once he got one 😉

    In Wednesday’s game, I thought about 13….Nd3+, but it seemed more effective after …Nh5 because then ….Nd3-f4 is supported (since after Kf1 the pin is broken). Looking at this position again, another effective, devastating move is the simple-looking 17…Be5, because after 18.QxR Bg3+ wins the queen for the rook, and otherwise after the future possibility of 18…Be5xBh2, White has no dark square defenders and the king gets sliced up by queen, knight and rooks (…Qh4+ is another threat here, but simply …Ng3 with …Rad8 coming up is decisive, undefendable); e.g., 18.BxBe5 QxB, 19.Kd1 Nf4, 20.Nc1 Rad8, 21.Re1 Nxg2, 22.Rf1 Nf4, 23.Re1 Bxh3.

  4. Another strange footnote to Tuesday’s game is that I spent about 40 minutes after the game, with Dan, going over improvements he could have looked to make in our game, and in Alekhine’s defense. I also told him that he should play in the Class Championships because he would make money there. Apparently, he listened as he went 4-0 in the Class E section.

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