Endgame Mistake

Round 2

11…Nc2?  11.Ndb5!

25.Qxa1?  25.Nxb1!? Bxc6, 26.bxB Qxc6, 27.Rc1 Qe6, 28.Bc4 is unclear.

25.c7!? NxNc2, 28.QxNc2 Rbc8, 29.BxRc8 RxRc8, 30.RxBd5 is another possibilty.


33.Bxc6??  I thought that I was equal after 33.Nxc6! Bc7 ( 33…Bxa4??, 34.Nxa7 Bc5, 35.BxB cxB, 36.c5 Bd5, 37.Nb5 is winning for White), but it seemed he had had answer for everything up to this point, so believed him in my time-pressure.  Objectively, it’s a draw with chances for both sides, but I strongly suspect that he would have played the blunder in a desire to be right.  Perhaps my biggest sin was playing this endgame on the increment, which explains the mistake.


4 thoughts on “Endgame Mistake

  1. 25.Qxa1 is the best, if 25. Nxa1 then 25… Be6 26. Rc1 Bd6.
    If 25. c7 then 25… Nxc2 26. cxb8Q Rxb8 27. Rxd5 Nxe3 28. fxe3.
    You weren’t completely equal after 33.Nxc6, but you had good chances to get a draw.
    He made a mistake playing 37… e4?, you could play 38. Nc5 Bc8 39. Nxe4 and with “b” and “c” pawns eventually gone it’s a draw.

  2. I posted my Thursday’s game.
    I played yesterday, got Black again expert with whom I have big negative score. Queen’s Indian, was under pressure in the opening and middlegame. Then we went into a rook where he had “b” passed pawn and rook ahead of it, also we had 3 vs. 3 on the kingside. Eventually he put his rook on b8 and advanced pawn to b7. Then he started to move his king and here I boggled I started to move my king too. I gave up one of the pawns and blocked “b” pawn with my king. Eventually I lost, then on the way back thought what I did wrong and realized that his king couldn’t do anything because I was checking him and he had nowhere to hide.
    Can you imagine it? Just stay and it is a draw.

  3. Yeah, the hardest thing to deal with can be an opponent’s king moves, because the entire game has to be based around king positions. That sort of thing happens a lot, one person makes a king or luft move, and the other person follows. He probably got you into his time-pressure, as all strong players do, they either get you into time-pressure or get you sucked into theirs, it’s one of their biggest trump cards. Sorry you lost that game. 😦 You will probably come back with a vengeance, though. 😉

    Thanks for posting your game and your replies. You could post your loss as well. I get a lot out of looking at my losses nowdays! 🙂

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