A One-Trick Pony

Round 3 Tuesday

In last Tuesday’s game, I felt that I got one trick in against Mark, since ….f5 is not a playable move in the KG as a rule and one is best advised to refute it immediately.  Curiously enough, I also trounced Mark in his post-mortem attempts to hold this opening before explaining to him that he should play solid to hold the extra-pawn with …Bg4, …Nbd7, …c6, ….Qc7, which is just something I made up on the spot that looks as sound as you are going to get against the King’s Gambit Accepted.  Incidentally, the game did continue on, but I lost the ability to follow the score-sheet, and we both played rather sloppily from here on along the increment.

Round 3 Wednesday

Since this game, Sarah’s rating has gone up to 1646 and mine has dropped to 1837.


3 thoughts on “A One-Trick Pony

  1. Tuesday’s game – yeah, f5 was a horrible move, nice sacrifice on g5.
    He also could play 9… h6 instead of Qf6, still he has to give up the bishop after 10. h4 and you are much better.
    You simply trounced him, great win.

  2. Wednesday’s game – I think 15. Be5 and 20. e4 were the bad moves that decided the game.

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