Bobbie Brown Memorial

I played in this tournament in Fountain, on Saturday, which is only a five-minute walk from my house.  The tournament is name after Dean Brown’s mother, Roberta “Bobbie” Brown – of course this seemed apropos for my father as well, on the Memorial Day weekend.  It’s a shame that I was so out of it and couldn’t concentrate hardly at all by the end of the last round, without having had a real lunch.

Round 1

I didn’t know why she put her queen on h8, during the game, but after 19…Qg7, 20.Bf6 Qh7, 20.Nd6+ Kd8, 21.Nc6+ NxN, 22.bxNc6 is a hammer-blow with White’s queen coming in there.  She actually made the game last longer with her queen sac!

Round 2

23…Qd6??  23.Qg7? Also loses because after trades, the g and h pawns beat the passed e-pawn and White can stop it.  23…Qe7 Black is -+.

Round 3

Round 4

This game was financially significant as a draw would have been worth $25 and a win $100.  I kept eating one of the peanut-butter cookies at the back, but it would give me sugar-energy for a minute followed by that blank-thought feeling.

After 9.e5, I considered three moves,  …dxe, ….Nxe, and the cheeky …Ng4 which I chose.  My buddy Alexander Freeman liked ….d5, which I still don’t like.

11….Re8?? This is where I was fading physically, could hardly concentrate.  This move is bad for two reasons.  For one, I didn’t even “see” 12.Qb3, and for another, my 9….Ng4 move had essentially lost a tempo so that 11….BxNd2 had become a requirement here, to slow down White’s attack and also diminish it.

14…Nxd4?? My hunch told me this was bad, but being so out of it I played it anyway as I didn’t “see” anything (but wasn’t “seeing” much by this point).  14…Bg4 would have been far more purposeful, developing the bishop, connecting the rooks on the back-rank, and putting some pressure on the Nf3 attacking piece.

15…Nxf7.  In the  post-mortem, I found 15…Kh8, 16.NxN dxN (he would have played this much), 17.Qb5 winning a piece.

The game could continue 19…Kh7, 20.NxQ RxN, 21.Qxe Bb6, 22.Bb2 Rg8, 23.Rad1 Bh3, 24.Rfe1 Rae8, 25.Qh5 Be6, 26.RxBe6 RxR, 27.Qf5+ wins the Re6.


2 thoughts on “Bobbie Brown Memorial

  1. Where is Round 1? 🙂
    Round 2 – I think in the opening you were OK, then 16… g5 was a game losing mistake.

    Round 3 – tactics decided this game, in both cases – when you won a piece and then an exchange you saw it better.

    Round 3 – after 9. e5 all the lines are tough for Black.
    The best was to avoid this altogether by playing 7… Nge7 instead of Nf6.
    I would not play Italian with him knowing that he will play Evans gambit or you have to be prepared very well for that, again as I said before it is a dangerous weapon.

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