Round 4

Flagged in a winning position.  Once I get my queen back onto the g1-a7 diagonal, I can play Bxa5…RxB, Qb6 double-attacking Be6 and Ra5, but I was looking at prettier wins where I can mate by walking out of perpetual, but wasn’t sure OTB.

As soon as I had played 46.Qd1 he called my flag.  An expensive mistake as Pete won $52 and now has no business complaining about $10 entry fees for CSCC G/90, 30/Inc tournaments!  😀


5 thoughts on “Flagged

  1. You overplayed him positionally.
    His exchange of the dark-colored bishop for your knight was a mistake, weakening dark squares. After 38. Bd4 instead of 38. Qd4 you were catching his queen.
    45. Bc5 instead of Kf2 was winning.
    Maybe you should simplify in this kind of position or think deep on just one move to make it decisive, I don’t know.

    I played today, it was a catastrophe. I again was upset about my kid being under the influence of “propaganda” from “you know who” and probably was not concentrated.
    I got White against 1980 rated guy, Sicilian, Rossolimo with g6. His bishop was looking at my knight on c3 and he played Rb8. My bishop on e3 was attacking his c5 pawn at this moment, I did not castle yet. I did not consider taking doubled “c” pawn on c5 and automatically played Rb1 to defend b2. Then I saw immediately that he still can take on b2 with his rook leaving knight on c3 without defense and Bxc3+ threat. He did, of course and I got into some kind of shock. It was only 0.8 advantage by the way and computer draws it.
    But after some thinking I played Rxb2?? and saw with a horror that he wins a piece on the spot after Bxc3+ and Bxb2. I resisted another 30 moves, but of course being down a piece had to play risky and just got under a mating attack.

  2. I played around 7 or 8 blitz games last night on FICS, at least half at 3 minutes. I tell everyone that I drop a piece every other move at blitz; but like I told Alex, that is the only reason I play blitz (to get me to think fast). If I weren’t dropping pieces at blitz then blitz wouldn’t serve a purpose. Dropping pieces at blitz just makes me razor sharp for a standard time-control game. You should probably go back to playing a few blitz games during the week, just to make sure. I often will play two blitz games on a Tuesday and that’s it, but sometimes I don’t play any that week. Unfortunately, there is only unrated blitz tonight.

    At where you and I are OTB with our chess levels, that should never happen OTB in slow-chess, we are simply way too strong for that to happen at this point.

    That’s too bad about your kid. My parents never did any propaganda, and were model citizens in regards to their personal ethics.

    I am not worried that you dropped a piece, I am more worried that you didn’t simply give him the pawn, as you said you should have, and looked for compensation in the position. Alex says that I am good at finding compensation, in positions where I do mess up. At this point, a lot of your rating points on the way to making Expert (which you barely missed making anyway, BTW) will come from “winning-ugly”, so go ahead and spot your opponent that occasional pawn (particularly as White). 😉

    Yeah, I feel that you are under-pressure from external circumstances, and it sounds as if you lost that game in the same manner as your personal life, by trying to “hold it all together” instead of going easy on yourself and letting the board do the driving for you. Sorry to hear about all the recent crap going on in your personal life, I guess it’s probably affected every chess player from time to time.

    You should post that game, since I know you at least like looking at the opening, the first twelve moves in particular. 😉 Thank you for posting and playing your games! 🙂 I feel like I really let you down with my silly loss and not keeping up with the blogosphere these past two weeks. I will try and cut down on the bad mojo. 😀

  3. You are right about blitz, good idea. Not that I don’t play it sometimes on chess.com, but not before the OTB game. A few years ago on a regular basis I played 2-4 blitz games before hitting the road to the club and it was good. I should renew this tradition.
    Another mistake was that I played too fast, feeling comfortable in the familiar opening.
    The sacrifice on b2 is easy, I did it myself in the Benko gambit a few times, it’s when you sac a rook for a bishop on b2 and then take on c3, winning material.
    So, I could see it, if I would play slower, even being not in a good shape.
    Also it is a good lesson not to panic.
    He would be just a doubled pawn up, so what, I gave him a doubled pawn odds. 🙂
    Hopefully crap will go away soon enough, at least I passed the equator.

  4. Dean Brown did that exact same tactic to me once, years ago, and incredibly I _still_ got a winning position against him later, but then blew the easy win in my nervous time-pressure and drew as White.

    “feeling comfortable in the familiar opening.”

    I was talking with Alex about this sort of thing last night, that you lose your objectivity in chess when you think you are good at some particular thing.

    I wouldn’t play OTB blitz before a game because it is too nerve-wracking, but online before a game is just fine (although OTB blitz could possibly maybe be okay sometimes, but should be bad as a rule). 😉

    Yeah, don’t panic, it’s amazing how much gets missed even by high-rated players.

    I have done that in the past a lot, given my self a rating-points-holiday against higher-rated players, but those are often very winnable or drawable games. I’d like to break this tradition. 😀

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