Round 1

I got there late on Wednesday, and wasn’t paired, but Shirley gave up her spot for me so that I would have an opponent, and I played Peter again, who I have this losing record against, but we are pretty evenly matched, IMHO.

I was just under 14 minutes and Peter just under 10 when he accepted my draw that I had proposed after the queen trade.  Expert Paul Anderson had no problem winning Peter’s position for him, in the post-mortem, but Paul is more an endgame Master.


2 thoughts on “Outplayed

  1. Frankly I didn’t quite like dxc5. Maybe you got bored with the standard lines, still …
    After exchange on e7 you lose defender of the “e5” pawn.
    He could play 12… g5 with following Qb8 and h5 and get advantage.
    You could use a bad position of his queen and win it by playing
    21. h3 22. g4 Nxd2 23. gxh5 Nxf1 24. Rxf1 Rxf3 with advantage.
    So, it was a game of missed opportunities, maybe a draw was the right result. 🙂

  2. The dxc5 line, without referencing it to double-check, is straight out of the Soltis book. I spent a LOT of time OTB weighing my other options, which wasn’t as good as playing any one of them quickly.

    I didn’t like the exchange on e7 (BxNe7) either, but like you say I still had chances later on. Bf4 was probably another option, as you are probably referring to.

    Somehow, I missed this 21.h3 line, probably missed an important detail such as 21.h3 RxNf3, 22.NxRf3! which seems obvious, but have to keep the lines separate in one’s head and not get distracted by the other line.

    I’ve really needed a break from Chess and June is going to be that month, with only the Wednesday tournament, and then July I will play in the NorthGate Open, and at beginning of August the Pikes Peak Open. The burnout is completely visible. While chess understanding does not diminish, execution does. I had a vacation day today, and could have gone in to work, but was feeling “brain-dead” for reasons I won’t elaborate for brevity, I would say health related. I played a blitz game this morning that shows my understanding, but entire lack of execution based on my mental status at that moment. Usually, June is where I acclimatize myself to this nice warm weather we are having as well.

    Before the game with Peter I had taken a nap after taking three tylenol due to a sudden-headache. I didn’t text Shirley that I would be late, and looked at a reply to an old Facebook message, thinking she had said “Ok” that I would be late. This is what I mean by being mentally out of it. It’s even worse today, but I can feel a turnaround by later today.

    During and after the game, I felt that g3 was a bad move on my part, not seeing what you showed, although I did consider h3, and g4. I didn’t like his …Nc4, but didn’t have much mental, physical, nor clock stamina to see your variation.

    23.Nd4? At this point, I am only good for finding “only” looking moves. 23.Qe5 is plain as day, where I can recapture on e5 with the rook and am not losing.

    16.b5 instead of g3 is what we looked at post-game. After ..axb, 17.axb Na5, 18.Ne5 I found an eventual exchange sac that was winning in the post-mortem, but White has a healthy plus here in any case.

    12…g5 probably would have been the refutation to Bxe7 since I really couldn’t afford to give up development and space for his pieces there.

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