Chess Fail, Part I

The only thing beautiful about this game was the score.  lol.

Round 2

We both played very well in parts, and horribly in other parts, but neither of us got the job done, and he definitely should have won.
12…Ne8?  I wanted to play 12…Nh4, which Expert Paul Anderson also found after the game, except that he easily came up with the analysis for it of 13.Nxe5? Qxe5, 14.d4 Nxd4, 15.cxNd4 Bxd4, and Black is a pawn on top -+.

20…Qf6??  Here I got tired and finally decided to move first and analyze later, resulting in this hideous blunder.  Paul says my instincts are bad, and this game is proof of that – I need time and energy to negate my poor instincts or feelings.

21.Rad1.  I was relieved to see him play this move, which is still strong, and not the more immediately crushing 21.e5!?, but 21.d5! is even more crushing because it simply wins a piece, as Paul pointed out.  Instead, 20…d5, 21. e5 g5! looks far more interesting a setup for Black.  Alas, every time he gave me a chance, I found a way to fall on my sword.

21…Ng5?!  Black’s position is desperate, 21…d5 may have been the better try here.  Now, after 22.e5 Qg6 it is a little unclear, but 22.d5 BxBe3, 23.RxBe3 Rfe8, 24.f3 is a clear advantage for White.

29…Re8?  I couldn’t get anything right in this game when I had the chance to capitalize on a position/”turn-over”.  I was looking at 29…Qf5! but didn’t play it, and it wouldn’t be the last time in this game that I did such a thing.

42…f6?  Up to this point, I’ve easily outplayed him in the endgame, but here I falter badly.  I was concerned for the last few moves that he could force a rook trade on the d-file, and that it may wind up to be a losing ending for Black, although here after 43.Kd5 Rd8 it doesn’t work because I will end up taking on f6.

43…fxe4??  I spent a couple minutes looking at 43…Kxe4!!, but then decided against it and played 43..fxe4 with no analysis.  After the game, Paul A. found forced wins with 43….Kxe4, 44.Bf4 (or Bf2 or Bg1) Rc3, appearing to win the c5 pawn, but instead Black will play 45…Rc2+, crushing White’s king position, and leaving the c5 pawn alone for far more decisive goals.

44.Rd1! Instantly played, and I knew within seconds that it would be winning.  Still, so why don’t I play 44…Bxc! and at least try to get something positive going on after 45.RxR exR, 46.Kxe Bd6

After this, the position was a joke win for him, and I almost resigned instead of getting another scoresheet, but succeeded in wearing him down in all of his quick moves, before he could take a break.  Right after he played the stalemating move quickly, he reached for his coke/drink, but took his sip/break too late as I called stalemate as soon as he started his sip.


2 thoughts on “Chess Fail, Part I

  1. 12… Ne8 doesn’t take into account d4, instead 12… Qe6 and 13… d5 was giving you an advantage. Yeah, 43… Kxe4 was good.
    45… Bxc5 was a crucial mistake, because you went into a lost pawn endgame.
    The end was funny 🙂 .

  2. I like your 12…Qe6, ….d5 idea, hadn’t considered that, looks nice for Black.

    Move 45….Bxc5??, right, crucial mistake, so 45…Bc3 with idea of 46….Bd4 looks a lot better, I could try to mess up his pawns or etc, change the endgame look to it.

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