The Long Draw

Round 3

Dean has never beaten me, so that a draw as Black is the next highest achievement.

The endgame was rather interesting.  Instead of trading queens, I should have been looking to get in the move Rb1, even at the cost of the d4 pawn, something I didn’t know during the game, due to the strength of that passer and even what it can do before it finally promotes.

I thought that I missed a win as I was playing 32.dxBe5 as it struck me during the move that I should be playing 32.Nxe6, although even there, 32….Rb4 is probably holding the draw.

Later I seem to be missing the win by a single tempo, for Paul A. showed that if I could have gotten in g4, keeping his Kf5 from happening, it would be a structural win, but all I can see now is that I was a single tempo short with my king in all of these lines.

This game was a well deserved draw for Dean, and it’s apparent that I am more comfortable as an e4 player with king-hunts than a-pawn conversions.  22.Be2, rather than 22.a4 first, was likely more accurate, as well as perhaps taking on a6 with the knight – I was worried that opposite-colored bishops draw, but it’s possibly way too early to determine that here.


2 thoughts on “The Long Draw

  1. I kind of didn’t quite like 30. Nc5 and Fritz told me that 30. Qb3 was better – 30… Qxd4 31. b6 .
    33. Nxe6 is about the same as 33. dxe5 exactly because of Rb4.
    The rook endgame looks drawn to me and computer confirms that.
    So, it just wasn’t in the cards to win on that day… 🙂

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