Dropped My Queen

I am not going to show the game-score this time, but rather the final post-game analysis of this line.  Daniel found a lot of it, I found some of it, and Alex F. found the finish.

Round 4

In the actual game, I played 24…QxNe5?? and resigned.

This is one of my worst blunders ever, and most likely is the worse blunder I’ve ever played OTB.  I hadn’t eaten much that day, and when Daniel moved his hand to play the move, I didn’t even see it until he took my queen.  I looked up and began to offer my hand before looking at the position for a few more seconds.  The moment he took my queen, I felt like I could pass out, as I got very light-headed when trying to look at his side of the board.  I still had my belt on way too tight, but sometimes that sort of thing can happen anyway, lack of blood to the head in a complicated situation, albeit with over five minutes still remaining on my clock in this situation.

OTB, I was looking at 24…Rd7, but got caught looking at only my side of the board.  It’s a losing position in any event.

15…h5?  I should play 15….Nd7 on either this move or the next move with the idea of …f5 in mind.

16…cxb4??  16…Nd7.

On Tuesday, I played in a blitz event 5 min, no delay, and went 5/9.  After that, I played around 20 games of bughouse, which I’d say is not so good for regular chess on account of I hardly need a plan in bughouse, whereas in a live regular game one needs to think in terms of plans and not moves.  Perhaps bughouse is just easy plans and you tend to do whatever, but I felt it made me think less about plans in the regular-rated OTB game above.


3 thoughts on “Dropped My Queen

  1. In the opening you could get advantage after 7… Bxe3 8. fxe3 Ng4 9. Qd2 Qg5.
    20… Nc5 was losing, instead there was an interesting move 20…Nxg2 with a draw.
    Comparing to his 23. Nb5 much stronger is 23. Rxc5 bxc5 24. Nb5 with a very strong attack.

  2. The 7…Bxe3 line is interesting, but still a little weird since he can continue defending at the end of it with Nd1, although thank you for showing that to me!

    I was looking at …Nxg2 OTB, but trying to determine the right time to fit that in, and also looking at it as a bail-out move for a draw like you say. If 20…Nxg2, 21.Rfb1 is a possibility I was considering.

    23.RxNc5 is spot on, as he was being too materialistic there, but also wanted to keep his attack going he said after the game. OTB, he may still have been vulnerable to some of my …Qg4 moves at the time, but we both found more pure lines in the post-mortem.

    I should have played 23…Rc8, and then 24…bxR, trying to defend for a win, or going for a bail-out with 24…h4 with the idea of 25….Ne2+, 26.Kg1 Ng3+, found this looking over the game tonight. Alex found the 24…bxR to defend idea, but I found the other moves.

    Yeah, the end was a physical over-load. Messing up my achilles, which I’m still recovering from but feel better than a week ago, and drinking too much the night before probably contributed.

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