New Players

I played this Round 1 game against a bullet/blitz player, where this is his first regular game.  He has been playing chess for quite some time, don’t know how many years, didn’t ask about any online rating, but he’s not a kid, closer to my age, so probably for many years.

He resigned after I played my 55th move, so I simply added my post-game analysis to the end of it, and was prepared to play it OTB.  I saw this line, but only looked at 58…Kxe7?? OTB.

Alex pointed out that I missed a more immediate finish earlier with 42.Rhf1!

There was a new group of four unrated players, two whom I hadn’t seen before.  There were no upsets, as the new group somehow got paired as Black against the veteran group.


2 thoughts on “New Players

  1. It looks like he never had a plan and you did.
    You started to play more energetically in the second half.
    Interesting idea to evacuate your king to the queenside to attack with the pawns on the kingside. It was a nice sac on b8.
    I posted my game.

  2. Clark went on to win his next two games against a Class C and Class B player, I believe. Karpov played a lot of these running the king to the other side of the board games, but I can see it’s a common idea in these nearly locked strategic positions (after my Round 1 game in the Northgate Open). Thanks for your reply! 🙂

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