This Week’s Games

Round 2 Tuesdays

This game lasted 87 moves, and I put in the last half from memory as it’s a waste of time to read my chicken-scratch score and this is basically nearly verbatim how it happened.

Round 3 Wednesdays

Found the title of one of those old songs that I played in my head occasionally for 20 years, not knowing any of the lyrics, but only came back on the radio recently.  It’s great to find such a song and realize you weren’t delusional imagining it


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Games

  1. Round 2 – his combo is not sound.
    30. Bf7 gives away part of your advantage, better 30… Qxf1 31. Rfxf1 Be2.
    45… Ke6 – king gets on the bishop’s way, Bf7 is much better.
    50. Be5 – he blundered his c5 pawn. After 52… Ba5 you could lose the game, instead Bb5 was keeping it equal. It is difficult to find the right moves in this crazy position.
    Then you managed to overplay him.

    Round 3 – I can’t comment on this illogical game. 🙂
    Nice video.

  2. 30…Be7? was indeed a poor mistake. I was tempted to take up the gauntlet with 30…Rg6, doubling rooks, and he loses in every line by my estimation except where he plays the simple 31.g3. OTB, I was looking at tactics where I play a …Bf3, …Rh8, then …Rxg3, hxRg3 Rh1 mate, but in one line his king can go to h2, and in another line he can simply not take the rook on g3, and in any case I don’t have that much time as his queenside pawn and rook attack is crashing through; also, 30…Rg6 blocks in the Black bishop from getting to f7 and that side of the board. So, it was best to play 30….QxQ! and then if 31.KxQ I have …Bf7, threatening an absolute fork in this line, so that the b5 pawn is immune. If I could play …Bd3 at some point and grab the a-file and trade off rooks there, then it is most likely winning for Black.

    What you see after that is a lot of sloppy play in time-pressure. I didn’t really even play 42…Kc6. I actually played 42…Bb8?, and now he could have imprisoned my bishop for the win with 43.Bb6. I saw this OTB, and was amazed that such a strong endgame player as himself would have missed such a winning possibility.

    Thanks for liking the video, and showing me where I went wrong! 🙂

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