July Final Round Games

Tuesday Final Round

Wednesday Final Round

From 1793 to 1820, then back to 1788 all in the same month is a real disappointment.  Even though I shouldn’t be playing for rating points, it shows how performance based that my rating is.

First game of the week, I play well.  Second game of the week (the next day), I meander, miss simple winning shots, make simple game-losing blunders, clearly not the same player.  On Sunday through Wednesday nights, I got only a few hours of sleep for each of those nights, and by Wednesday it clearly shows.

On Wednesday, I stayed an extra hour for the shift bid and got a terrible shift.  Swing Shift 3:30 pm – Midnight with Sunday and Mondays off.  So I will have one more week of days, then two weeks of some other mid-day transition shift for two weeks, and then will go to that permanent swing-shift above which will last for 6-8 months (but in reality usually lasts over a year).

Next month, there won’t be a first round on Wednesdays, and I may only be able to play in the first round on Tuesdays, and then that’s it, rather depressing.   The good news is that I will be playing the Pikes Peak Open this weekend, a five-rounder with first two games at G/90, d/5, and then G/90 Increment 30 after that.  Don’t know what I am going to do about my job, might quit it – I had a gnawing in my stomach this morning at work just thinking about it.  Besides missing chess, I don’t like the third shift, and didn’t even get an easy supervisor, just the worst shift, done it before and the new position is what I was doing before, just on the contract side versus prepay phone service, so the responsibilities would be even greater for same pay.

On the physical side, I am impressed that I focus as well as I do during my chess games, as I have not jogged since my achilles heel popped six weeks ago.  Last Sunday I wrenched my knee on same leg and it has popped out of place many times since then.  Knee will probably be fine in another week or two.  I might be able to jog in another two weeks, but it’s going to be up to my achilles heel, will see how that goes; It’s been healing slowly and well, but it’s an injury with a slow recovery time, usually 4 to 12 months for people who break theirs – mine is okay, it just feels sprained, tight.

As for the games, on move twenty-nine of Wednesday’s game, everyone but me saw that I had 29…Ne2+ winning the exchange.  Funny thing is that I was going to play it and then said to myself “Can’t he just take it, what was I thinking?”, and then analyzed other stuff, and then finally moved my queen just to support the …Ne2+ move, which then of course never happened.  I need to study tactics again, and get more sleep, and manage my time better, but it’s mostly a case of the first two.


4 thoughts on “July Final Round Games

  1. Tuesday’s game – I don’t like 13. Nf5 at all, he simply loses d5 pawn and he is already down one. Another bad move is 25. Bxf4, you could take the rook on f4, it looked risky probably.
    Your pieces after that are dominating and it is clear that the win is only a matter of time.

  2. I didn’t take his rook because his queen gets in on e6 and f6. I didn’t see him getting in on f6 at the time, so it looks like a forced draw.

    I didn’t like his play starting with 8.h4, and from that point didn’t like virtually any of his moves – they all seemed inaccuracies to me. I was expecting 8.Qb3, and then I was going to play 8…Qf6, 9.e5 Qg6, and it looks fine for Black.

    He should have exchanged knights on e7, and Qh5 seemed ridiculous. Obviously, he likes to attack, but defense wins games (or draws them). 😉 Thank you for your comments! 🙂

  3. Wednesday’s game – yeah, missing Ne2+ is regretful.
    I think you had to move your king to g7 at least before move 50.
    49… b6 and 50… b5 are not necessary.
    You had some chance to win before losing “e” and “f” pawns, though his two bishops do nto make it easy. Computer confirmed my evaluation giving you 0.5.

    I posted my Monday’s game.

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