A Cute Little Blitz Game

…on FICS.

I’ve stopped trying to not lose on time while playing blitz, not worried about rating there so much.

In this game, I intentionally sacked that pawn because it looked interesting.  The finish would have been 23.Qd1 QxQ, 24.KxQ Nxb4.

At the moment, my new schedule that starts on Tuesday is 3:30pm – midnight, real bummer since I don’t want to lose out on my chess nights going forward, particularly Tuesday’s (which still doesn’t seem to be too much to ask by me, but apparently is).


2 thoughts on “A Cute Little Blitz Game

  1. Very pretty attack. At first, I thought you’d take on e3, but then taking on e2, just makes e3 either hang or be a big point of concern for Black. He probably could have defend better, but it wasn’t easy and he should be completely losing in any case as is his pieces are so misplaced and bungled up on the queenside, thanks to the work you did there. 😀

    It feels like I’ve taken a mini-vacation from tournament chess, but I also don’t want to fall behind and have my progress halted – which obviously isn’t visible by the rating points! :-p

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