Perseverance and Persistence

….are what wins chess games.

In round 2 on Tuesday, I did not have this but on Round 2 Thursday, I did.

On Tuesday’s game, I sensed that 25.fxe6 was winning, but in time-pressure played another move 25.BxNd7 because I could not calculate the winning move (the f-file pressure is decisive in many lines, and not just on this move).

Then on move 27.fxe6?  I correctly sensed that 27.h4 was winning, and was going to play it, but then backed out at the last second while evaluating 27…exf, 28.hxg5 fxg4, and played something even worse instead.  At the end, I could not find a move that works and played 28.Be5? while my flag had fallen, when 28.Bf2 is the move, found by Stockfish.

This game was an important lesson on trusting one’s instincts.  When I could combine instincts with analysis, I was fine, but when it came to trusting my instincts alone, I chose not to and paid the consequences.

On Thursday’s game, on move 18 I moved the wrong knight to e4, then paid for it when it came to 21…exd5!, which was a surprise for me.  Perhaps the best thing I did in this game was to trust in my instincts and not flag, as my time-pressure was just as bad as in Tuesday’s game with the exception of how I handled it better, and capitalized on the opportunity that would not have presented itself had I not hung tough, avoiding the flag.


3 thoughts on “Perseverance and Persistence

  1. Tuesdays game – it was a good attack on the kingside.
    Frankly I underestimated the strength of Ng5-Nh7-Nf6+.
    24. Nxd7 instead of Bg3 was very strong, with following 24… Bxd7 25. Bxd7 Kxd7 26. f6 gxh4 27. fxg7 Rh7 28. Rxf7.
    Yes, 27. h4 was a strong move, after 27.. gxh4 28. Rxh4 exf5 29. g5 Be6 30. gxh6 you are much better.

  2. I’ve been learning to trust my instincts more. My 3 minute blitz is at 1424 and ascending, my bullet is 1602 and showing no let up as well.

    Here is a game where I didn’t take enough time on my clock, blundered with over a minute with 20….exf3??, but quickly after the game spotted the exquisite 20…Rxg7!! winning. In fact, if I hadn’t rushed myself I would have found it while playing! 😉

    I realize that this is an important part of chess, blitz and instincts. I am sure that weren’t initially attracted by chess because of it’s speed, but we have to have these things in our hip pockets to survive in OTB classical chess too! 🙂

    Oh, that game, I didn’t expect Nf6 to be so strong either, but then somehow still expected it to be a mistake for him to not repeat the position with …Rh8 and to play …h6 instead. It’s weird how the instincts come and go, and you really have to harness them, OTB. 😉

  3. Yes, Rxg7 in that blitz game is crushing.
    Thursday’s game – 18. Nxd5 with following exchanges on d5 and e5 was better, his knight would be on d5 and you had f4 to defend e5 pawn.
    I find your position rather difficult until he blundered the queen.

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