The End of a Tough Month

Final Round Thursday

Fun fact, I’ve never drawn Dean before with the Black pieces, it’s been all wins.  We have at least 5 draws, with no wins for him, but all of the draws came where I had the White pieces, until now.

19…Bd8?  I’ll go ahead and give this move a question mark because I knew I was trading my “good” bishop for his “bad” one, and I could see how kluge-like his kingside attack on me was, and how it probably would have been unnatural for him to continue that attack, but being I had an unhealthy clock situation to his very healthy clock situation, decided to steer it toward a draw, and then to look for a final chance there.  I saw 19…h6, 20.Bf4, which the engines like, but didn’t want to keep that complexity with my clock (with a second time-control, btw, I would keep the complexity).  I could possibly play …Bc7 (or somewhere) and …Rb8 to play on the queenside.

At the end, I blunder, and it’s almost as if I saw that I was blundering before I even played it, but all of the other lines are drawing, and it’s hard to say if the final position really is a win for White or not.  In any case, Dean offered the draw, and of course I accepted.


3 thoughts on “The End of a Tough Month

  1. Yes, 19… Bd8 gave up your advantage, I like your pair of bishops.
    The same d4 would be stronger with the bishop on b6.
    Then yeah 26… Re3 was a blunder. Shootouts were 1.5 : 0.5 for White.

  2. I’m impressed that you did shootouts of the end position. I know he is going to play this line going into the game, so I should have some analysis or novelty prepared, it feels like. This position where I play 19…Bd8 feels like a position where I should have some pre-game analysis of, just to give a feel for such a position. I was walking into this position, OTB, without much feel for it.

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