This Week’s Games – Against a Master and a C Class player

Tuesday, Round 1

Thursday, Round 1


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Games – Against a Master and a C Class player

  1. Thursday’s game – the easier game first. :
    He had to play 7… e6 to restrict your center, in this position you have to do that first, then attack it. His c5 was bad and he got crushed.

  2. Tuesday’s game – you played well until move 29.
    Qb5 was a big mistake, Qd3 was keeping it equal.
    He also made a bad move – 31… Bf6 instead of 31… a6 32. Nc3 Bxa3 eventually winning both your pawns. I think on move 36 taking “b” pawn instead of “e” one was better.
    You still had a draw if you would play 43. Rb8 instead of Ke2, he was losing “b” pawn.
    Good game overall, you really had drawing chances.

  3. Me and Alex thought post-game that Tuesday’s game after taking the b-pawn looked like a draw, but Stockfish suggested that it would be a game-losing blunder. I thought I could win the b-pawn late, but I couldnt’ see it in post-mortem analysis by myself, will need to look at it again. He did show me that line you gave with 32…Bxc3, but he said that he didn’t play it because he had too many good moves to chose from and thus wasn’t sure, but I told him it was winning as soon as he had showed it to me.

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