The Accidental Bird

cI played a blitz game on FICS this morning, accidentally playing Bird’s Opening 1.f4.  I didn’t even realize what I had done for a couple moves, and then had to stop and think about it to realize the situation.  It’s a good illustration that style and strength are not bound to openings knowledge, and I’d probably have an easier time of it with this opening as well!

Bird’s Opening blitz game

The rook on f1 momentarily disappeared from sight (perhaps because I was trying to pre-move it) for some reason, and I couldn’t understand how I lost it, because I was planning on playing 30.Rf7+ followed by 31.QxR and 32.Qxg6 mate.

My opponent graciously resigned, but it took me a while afterwards to find 33…BxN, 34.Qxe6 c4, 35.Rh1+ Bh6, 36.RxB KxB, 37.Qh3+ Kg5, 38.Qg4+ Kh5, 39.Be2 mate.

Other games this week will be posted here:

Round 2 Colorado Springs Chess Club City Championship

Round 2 Thursday’s

I blitzed through 14..Qe7, as I say 14…Bg4 after I made my move, and then after 15…Qxe5, knew right away I had blundered into a draw after this move, but like I say was foolishly trying to blitz, as I did look at 15…Be6, which holds the win, and even saw the follow-up 16.Qb5 Rb8.

After I played move 38, I paused the clock and got the assistant TD that was not playing because Eugin had asked me twice if he could see my score-sheet to catch up on the moves, which I always feel you aren’t supposed to do in a one time-control situation, and it distracted me so much because I had 58 seconds on my clock and couldn’t add any more worries to my plate.  I made a claim for two minutes, which was granted (Joe asked Shirley).

Just for the record, despite Paul A lauding Eugin for trying to keep an accurate score-sheet (he was trying his best), my score-sheet was perfect throughout (although I had trouble looking at move 36, which Eugin asked me about and I even had trouble making that one out at the time – it’s the only half-move I have trouble making out, but it was still written accurately).  My move-count, etc, everything is accurate, and I never needed the two minutes either as Eugin took a lot of time in this phase.  It seemed as if I was gaining time on every move but one that I remember, and finished with 3:38 on my clock.   I turned in my yellow copy, in case anyone wants to look at it to verify.


One thought on “The Accidental Bird

  1. He needlessly sacrificed the second pawn. Yes, Be6 looks better than Qe5.
    He could take on c7 and complicate the matters.
    The endgame is won for you even without him losing his piece.

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