October’s Last Rounds

Round 5 Tuesdays

I was going to play 36….Rgf6, but then in time-pressure absent-mindedly played 36…Qg4??, and then waited for her to take my rook, and then immediately resigned.  It was a 10 second delay, but just for the record I will not ever play a 5 or 10 second delay weeknight tournament again, as I really do have better things to do with my time, seriously.

In the game score, I show how this could have been a hundred move game with good play, which shows that a 30 second increment is really necessary, barring a second time-control.

I had seen the mate with 25…Nxg4, (26.g3 Bf6) 26.Nf6 Rf6 followed by 27…Rh6, but forgot what the line was in time-pressure, and decided that it would be “fun” anyways after 26…Qxg4, and it was until I messed up playing 31…Qh6? instead of 31…Qh5! (still winning) after maybe 5-10 seconds thought (which shouldn’t happen when playing at 30 second increment since any non-obvious move should have at least 30 seconds spent on it at that time-control).  Switching time-controls back and forth all month has been a big headache for me, and I can’t adjust to them back-and-forth that quickly, especially on weeknights.  I fail to see how time-pressure is “fun” When I am the one with 1:29 on my clock, playing at a delay, to my opponents 41 minutes.  How is that fun?  Even if it is fun, it certainly doesn’t last very long at that.

Round 5 Thursday

New opponent.  Teah played rather well, and so it was fortunate for me that she blundered.


4 thoughts on “October’s Last Rounds

  1. Round 5 Tuesdays – 29… Ng4 instead of Rf8 was winning.
    30. Nf3 Qh5 31. g3 Rh6 32. Nh4 Bf6 33. Ra2 Bxh4 34. gxh4 Qxh4 35. f3 Ne3 .
    Your move 31… Qh5 is not winning, just drawing if White can see 32. Bg3!.
    After 36….Rgf6 2 shootouts ended up in a draw.

  2. Hey, you still around Linuxguy?

    Always enjoy coming here and playing over your games, even if I never comment (you’re better than me, I’m a lowly 1600 scrub *laugh*)

  3. Jabari, thanks for your continued interest! 🙂 I’ve posted my game against a Master from last night. I’m not too far behind you, hovering over my 1700 floor! 😉

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