Blunder Exchange

Round 2

I was still battling a cold when I noticed I had dropped a pawn, as I looked up from writing down my move.  Luckily, and perhaps by playing those first eleven moves in no time, he returned the favor with 8…Nf6?? which I was delighted, and a bit incredulous, to see.  I knew that my pawn drop wasn’t a game-ending blow, but his exchange loss did turn out to be one.


2 thoughts on “Blunder Exchange

  1. Yeah, it looks like you both played too fast.
    20. Ne4 looks suspicious, better 20. Re1, then 21. Bd3 and then Ne4.

  2. 20.Ne4 may look suspicious, but it was based on some concrete calculations. For example, if he takes with either piece on e4 (the pawn is immune due to mating back-rank mate threats), then that improves my position; whereas after 20.Re1 b5, 21.Bd3 Nd5 (which can go to b4 or f4, both hitting d3), and 21.Bb3 NxBb3, 22.NxN Bd5 didn’t look so appetizing. It looks if my play were unnecessary tactical technique, but it let’s me play with more dynamic control over the position.

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