The Dangers of Blitzing

Round 1

Me and Shirley picked up where we left off after our last “blitz” games last week, except that this one was regular rated.

Although this was G/90, 30 sec Inc, I had taken only two minutes (actually, close to three minutes) before she had resigned (1:28 remaining).

At first, I thought there was no three-fold, and I was simply adding time to my clock, but then I noticed that …Na6 had been played three times.  Luckily for me, the first time it had been played my rook was on a8, and the last two times my rook had been on b8.

17. Qe2  Here, she had made the mistake of playing 17…Nxb4, which I had seen works against 17.Qd3 (but she played it anyway, probably because she was down two pawns).

When she had resigned, we both had seen that she could lose her Rh8, but I had been looking at 20…Ke7, 21.QxNa6+?? QxQ, 22.Nd8+?? (thinking this forked the a6 and e7 squares) QxNd8.  I quickly played this after she resigned and we signed score-sheets, just to show her, but realized it was a blunder as soon as I touched her knight.  This is the meaning of trading blunders during blitzing, and the last blunder hurts the most.  I can’t say for sure whether I would have played it or not, but I immediately got the sense and message to myself that chess is humble game.




3 thoughts on “The Dangers of Blitzing

  1. Yeah, usual beginner mistakes.
    17…Nxb4 was not that visible, by the way, but even positionally she is well behind in development.
    Why did you want to finish an OTB game in two minutes, something was burning? 🙂

  2. Crazy. It’s my new fastest game record, but it wasn’t advisable. Probably it was from so many recent blitz tournament rounds, OTB. Right, she was simply way behind.

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