Weak In The Knees In Time-Pressure

Round 2

Going along with the theme from last week,   I offered a draw after 33…Ne3+, knowing Black is winning but with 2 min 6 sec remaining after the move.  Luckily, Daniel declined my offer, but then blundered later by offering  a queen trade in a 0.0 position.  I missed a bunch of opportunities there, seeing …a5 a lot but too wary to pull the trigger on the increment.


2 thoughts on “Weak In The Knees In Time-Pressure

  1. Congratulations! Did you miss 50… Rc3 or 53… Rc3? It looks dangerous for White.
    Will comment in detail later.

  2. The …Rd3, …Qf3+, …Rd1 mate. I didn’t find that until you mentioned this, and it actually took me a couple of minutes to find, so I was not going to see it in time-pressure. 😦

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