Flipping the Script

Round 3

I finally got a chance to get in that line that RP and I had discussed against the Portuguese.  Teah played it aggressively with the opposite sides castling, and that is really what gave me the chance to play for the win, it felt like.  I told her that her late …Nd6 to …Nf5 is what gave me the winning advantage.

No doubt that Teah will be an Expert or higher someday, if she sticks with it.

I was happy to come out on the positive side against Teah this month, as last month her win hit my rating rather hard.  I stuck with it and didn’t panic in the complexities this time.




3 thoughts on “Flipping the Script

  1. I agree that her queenside castle gave you a chance to win.
    I even think that it was a mistake, your attack developed very fast and naturally and she didn’t have any counterplay. Good game!

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