Time Got Us All

Final Round

I felt like Alex had defended brilliantly in this game, and then time-pressure ruined his game.

I was down to 50 minutes after move 12, and down to 20 minutes by move 22, so we were both down to two minutes or just under when Alex decided to resign.

10…Ne4?  This blunders a pawn without prepping it with 10…c6 first, but he didn’t see it or play it.

On move 13 and 14, I should have played …e5; noticed this right after playing move 14.

17.NxBd7?  It’s 0.0 equal now.  17.c5 was the way to go.

22.Nh5.  The computer doesn’t like this, and even thinks White is a tad better after Black plays …f5 in the game.  Still, between two non-Masters, Black’s attack is preferable, particularly in time-pressure.  The engine likes …h5, then maneuver the knight to e6, and probably …g5 break after that.

25.Kh2?!  It’s nearly dead-equal after 25.b4, and the …g4 idea of locking up the position is still best.

The game-losing blunder for White was actually the modest-looking 35.Rc3-c1? when instead 35.Kc1 is only -.5, or half a pawn down.



2 thoughts on “Time Got Us All

  1. His exchange of good knight on e5 for bad bishop on d7 didn’t make sense to me.
    I liked your attack on the kingside, with closed center and advantage in space.
    I think White’s big mistake was not 35. Rc1, but 38. Bf1 instead of Qf1.
    The game losing move was 39. g4 instead of Rf1, White lost a crucial tempo.
    Good game!

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I was just glad to see that exchange.

    If you leave your engine on, it will probably change it’s mind and say that even 38.Qf1 does not hold, as Black can play …Nf3, and then f4 sac (weakens d4, a double pawn sac there, and then Black will get pawn(s) back). My attack was a little more mysterious than the computer’s suggestion for equality.

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