Quick Chess

I played in a G/24, delay 5 sec tournament on Tuesday, first three rounds.  There was a strong turnout, but also a very small one.  Jeff Fox was a notable no-show, and I haven’t seen Steve Avery in years.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3



3 thoughts on “Quick Chess

  1. I love the first game. When you find a good move look for a better one! Perfect example 🙂

  2. Game 1 – the result is a consequence of neglecting development and losing tempos.
    I liked that you went not for the material, but for the mate.

    Game 2 – I don’t like 27. Bc6, otherwise you were holding up.
    Then from the move 35 blunders decided the game.

    Game 3 – probably 20. a4 instead of Ne3 could keep it equal.

  3. Thanks, Gunar! 🙂

    Yeah, I need to go over those losses again. I shouldn’t have allowed my pawn to be doubled like that on c6, you are right!

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