This Week’s Slow Games


I played Open Sicilian against Dean, first time in a long time.  Recently, Dean has been Expert Earl W. at quick chess, and drawn 1900 Pete B. at slow-chess.  When something like that happens, your future opponents that know you find out and tend to play tougher.  😉  I know you are reading about this one Dean, so I’ll have the comments to the game up tomorrow or late tonight, would have had them up already if I hadn’t met Alex at the bar after the game.


On Thursday, I played Dean again and focused on positional chess, and this has been a line against him recommended to me, but which I had never tried before.  This may not have been the most accurate move-order in the opening, but the opening idea was carried out.


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Slow Games

  1. Wednesday’s game – he became a victim of his passive and slow play in the opening.

    Thursday’s game – an energetic play on your side. 🙂
    His 27… Qh6 blunder and sloppy play with his rook helped you as well.

  2. hehe. Thanks! I even missed that I had Rxf7+ winning his queen, instead of trading queens and then winning the f7 pawn. This was a fun game to play. 🙂

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