Quick Chess Part Two

Final Week of the Quick Chess tournament.

Round 4

I played 18…Rfd8 to protect the isolated d-pawn, instead of 18….Qg5! which is 0.0, according to Stockfish.  After 19.0-0, I sensed it was now too late to play 19…Qg5??, but played it anyway, not seeing she now was 20…Nf3+, 21.RxN.  I did see the right way 19…Nc6, and then 20…d4, but I realized that my bigger problem was that I walked into a position that I had a distaste for.  Next time, I’ll play something a bit more to my liking.

Round 5

I played this game in 4 1/2 minutes.  Once she had made a couple of opening mistakes, the game played itself.

Round 6

John’s regular rating is 1610.  I believe this was the first time I had played him.

As a reminder, the time-control for this event was G/24, d/5.  Alex won all three of his games, he beat a Class A player, an Expert, and a Master to share for first place.



4 thoughts on “Quick Chess Part Two

  1. Game 4 – yeah, 18… Qg5 looks strong.
    Without a blunder she would have a minimal advantage.
    Your knight belongs on e4, not e5.

    Game 5 – self-explanatory. 🙂

    Game 6 – funny, he didn’t he play 26. f3? and 34. f3 was a game losing mistake.
    Computer draws the pawn endgame, but with a deep ply count, otherwise
    Black wins some games, so the safest for White I think was not to exchange rooks.

  2. Game 4 – Interesting observation. …Ne4 seems right, yes.

    Game 6 – 28.f3, right, good find. Yeah, he basically handed me the game at the end. I made many late middlegame blunders, but he couldn’t find a win, seems to be a perennial issue when one is the lower-rated player.

    You can see pics from the Denver Open here:

    In the Second photograph, my first-round opponent is the one sitting ram-rod straight in the gray jacket.
    In the Third photograph, you can see me writing down a move against my fifth round opponent.

  3. Aww, thanks! 🙂 It was a fun tournament, wish we had more big tournaments like this in Colorado. I’m thinking might play in Las Vegas in June, and the go to Cali (California) after that.

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