Winning, Winning, Lost

Final Round Wednesdays

41…Qh5??  I was down to 26 seconds on my clock, five seconds delay, when I felt pressed to make a move here prematurely that does not lose.  41…Qg7! and Black is still winning.  What’s more, at the post-mortem we both assumed White could play 42.Ra2-h7?? which could trade queens or more (even Class A player Paul C. was following along with this, and only Alex objected and correctly stated that I had missed a winning …Kg7 and …Rh8 strategy earlier) for White.  Actually, the winning follow-up is 42…Rf6 followed by 43…Rd6, and after 44…Rh6, the queen will have to exchange itself for the rook.   The things ya can’t find in time-pressure.  Doh!

Funny thing is that OTB, I could have messed this up by playing 42….Rd6 first, which allows a Rff2 or even Kf2 defense.  So, it’s trickier than I thought last night.  Even in the line where I trap the queen correctly, he has Nb7, which ends up trading queen for two rooks.  Right after that happens, it could be easy to flag if not calmly moving the queen up to attack the rook, which allows queen to get to back rank to eat pawns, which is close to -3.  He still had an hour remaining, but he would have had to still keep his cool, much as what I needed to do as well.




2 thoughts on “Winning, Winning, Lost

  1. I think he mixed up the order of the moves and played h3 instead of c3.
    Computer is thinking it’s OK, but I would never allow to exchange my “Spanish” bishop.
    Interesting that his attack went backwards around move 20.
    I liked how you intercepted initiative. Qh5 on move 35 was winning on the spot.
    I have to say that you need 26 minutes, not 26 seconds to find a right move in that position.

  2. You are right about that needing 26 minutes not seconds. I also needed at least two minutes to find that double-rook lift on the 6th rank idea. The five second delay is very dangerous I realize now; it’s as if you need to save half an hour extra over what you would save with the 30 second increment for time-trouble. I really don’t like G 2hrs format because without a second time-control it just becomes a blitz game. It’s a very sneaky time control because when do you play a 2hr time control without an additional time control? Never really, it’s a fake time-control.

    Yes, I thought same thing, he mixed up his move order, and he spent a long time on it! So he doesn’t know it so well from a book point of view.

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