The Blunder That Wasn’t

I played a new player at the club last night, his first rated game!  I showed up late because we had to drive all over town to find a parking space.  My game finished with 45 minutes remaining on my clock.

Round 1

After I played 10.Ne5+, I thought I had blundered a piece, but then within a minute or two realized that I hadn’t, particularly since there wasn’t much alternative.

People asked me whether this player is good or not, but I said you can’t determine that by a King’s Gambit game!

Black looked solid after 6…Bd6, and is so, but under the surface I was surprised by Stockfish to learn that there are piece sacs and mating attacks lying just below the surface.  Indeed, move 7.Bc4 was my longest think of the game, but I didn’t have to wait long for his blunder 8…Bg4??

With 18.Nb5, my original plan was to play 20.Rd1+ Ke7, 21.Nxc7 Rad8, but I didn’t like how his rook was getting activated, and preferred to leave his king be at d8.  Indeed, after 21…Rad8, there is this tricky bishop maneuver that White should see, Bf4-d2-b4+, but it can be quite difficult to find something even as simple as this, OTB, with an opponent waiting to see your move.  So, instead, I chose to be more positional and set up other threats.  Soon after that, I was winning, and my goal became to finish the game on one 60 move scoresheet, with the bishop pair, and I managed to accomplish that.


4 thoughts on “The Blunder That Wasn’t

  1. I think the blunder was not 8… Bg4, because he could hold after 9. Re1+ Kf8, but 9… Kd7 which made 10. Ne5+ combination possible. After Ne5+ you got two bishops for the rook and a play against his tripled pawns. So it became technical and you played that part well. 🙂

  2. Yeah, the technical part I play better than I realize because studying chess helps my calculating. I studied 54 combo’s of Alekhine’s so far in past couple days – It’s more about calculating multiple variations and some deep, but the book’s combos are getting harder now.

    I was expecting ..Kf7. I’ve studied more King’s Gambit, but there is so much to study with that opening. Spanish is far more solid in a practical sense vs KG where you are playing for the opening.

  3. The classics also always have a great ideas in their combinations.

    I posted my Monday’s game.

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