First Round Through

Round 1

I played Teah, my most frequent first-round opponent.  I decided not to play King’s Gambit, nor Scotch.  I wanted to settle my nerves and get into the game slowly, so played Ruy Lopez, but then she played a …Bc5 variation – remember, I’ve only ever seen her play a Portuguese Scandinavian before – and fell into an opening blunder/trap.

At the end of the game, I had an hour and six minutes remaining to her 46 minutes.  Apparently, she resigned at the right time because after she moves her bishop, I can play Bc2 and she will have to sac her rook on f5 for nothing to stop mate.


4 thoughts on “First Round Through

  1. The best for her would be 8… Bxd4, then d6.
    18… g5 was a crazy move.
    Yeah, Bc2 if she plays 21… Bg7, if 21… Be7 then Bd4+.

  2. Yes! I knew I could mix it up against her desperate moves, but I figured I’d just let them count against her instead, positionally. Alekhine was probably the greatest chess player ever, but even he didn’t “give a sucker an even break” – WC Fields. 😉

  3. Taking on e5 is not the most dangerous line because as rollingpawns said she can take on d6 then play …d6 and then play …c5 …c4 and you have accelerated her expansion on the queenside.

  4. Right, take on d4, then play d6, and if I could on the next move, I’d play …Bb7 to hit e4 (threatening …c5, …c4 – the threat is worth more than the execution here), trying to jumble up White’s development.

    Thanks for the comment, Gunnar! 🙂

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