I Dropped a Piece

….but he didn’t see it.

Round 2

4…e6??  Black could play 4…Bg6 here or 4…Nbd7

6…Nc6.  Stockfish recommends 6…c5 first.

7…Be7.  Stockfish wants Black to play 7…h5, which I wanted to play on the next move, but didn’t due to reply of Ne2-f4, so I wasn’t sold on …h5, and it seems stronger the later you play it.

9…Bh7.  Stockfish likes 9…Nb4 and 10…c5.

10…Nd7!?  A clever reorganization of pieces to the queenside, but Stockfish prefers the …Nb4 and …c5 plan so as to castle kingside, as White has space, but it’s Black who can continue to make the easy progress under this scheme!

13.exd?  Josh clearly wants to push the play, and I felt White was better developed, but Stockfish shows that 13…Nb4! is -+.  13.b3 was better, and more what I was expecting, when I did see the 13…Ba3 followup (=+).

15…Bd6 =.  15…h5! is better here =+, although 15…0-0-0 is just as strong.




Josh resigned as he was a piece down.  If 18.Bxc6, I was going to continue 18…Bb4+, but White has 19.Nc3.  Stockfish actually prefers 18…QxBc6, 19.d5 Qxc4 -++.

Despite glaring errors, I’ve still managed to go 4/4 this month, so I’ll take that and forget the rest.






3 thoughts on “I Dropped a Piece

  1. His play in the opening just looks weird.
    Maybe you just relaxed, didn’t take him seriously and it was a reason of the blunder.

  2. hehe. That’s what Alex said, his play looked weird. I blundered because I was starting slow, my opponent got impatient and let a hem or haw sort of breathe, and so I decided I’d just play a move before he gets up and leaves just to show that I could or not to bore him. Obviously, this shows that I _can’t_ actually do that, make a move on demand, unless it’s something I’m determined to play.

    In his game tonight, Alex actually played very impatiently and quickly again, and gave up a mate in one in a normal position to a 1000 rated guy (who then played it and won). Alex spots mates and dropped pieces faster than I do, and it just goes to show that no one should do that with their OTB rating no matter how fast they think they are at seeing the board.

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