Round 3 Thursdays

Round 3


3 thoughts on “Round 3 Thursdays

  1. That was fast! ­čÖé
    You punished his bad play in the opening.
    I think Qxc5 was better than Qc7, still you are much better.
    Of course 13… Bg7, not Nde5.
    Bd4 and Bxe5 were really good. Nice game!

  2. Thanks! It was fast mostly because I pay closer attention to weird opening variations, as I have never seen this …g6 variation in any of my OTB or online games, I let Jason know, and actually I think he simply chose this move or made it up OTB.

    Yes, I was expecting both Qxc5 (although Stockfish gives …Qc7 as an alternative – Ne5 hitting Bf3 was his threat), and 13…Bg7, which he never got in.

    If 13….Bg7, I looked at 14.Bd4, but didn’t like the trades, and then he can develop rook and knight with threats, so I was planning to play 14.g3 to allow for a Bg2 retreat – Stockfish didn’t change it’s evaluation of the position and listed this as +2 as well, though it was far from clear how the game would develop after this.

    I actually saw 16.Bd4 right away, but spent most of my time on the fantastic looking 16.Bf4, but ended my calculation short after seeing 16…Qc8, 17.Be5 f6?? (the queen is getting trapped), thinking that 18.Bg4 could be met by 18…f6-f5, but then missed that I would then have BxRh8. So after 17.Be5 there, he should play 17…Rg8, losing his right to castle kingside, which would have left his king stuck in the center – rather devastating.

    After the game, I showed him that I was expecting to see 16…f6, 17.Re1 (if …Bg7, 18.Re6 hitting c6 again I showed to him) e5.

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