Tuesdays Final Round Game

Round 4

This draw left me with an 1845 post-tournament rating.  I’ve spent hours going over this game with Stockfish.  Both of us attacked and defended inadequately.  I’m sure we felt under control during the game, but it’s a post-mortem nightmare to look at with all of the missed win (I’d say around 20, which practically sets a record at this rating class).  It should be said that most of the errors for both sides begin in time-pressure, and then it’s just non-stop.  I sort of played his clock better than he did, as I played better in his time-pressure whereas he mostly equivocated during this time, and let me get back into the game and even achieve a winning advantage.  It’s funny how without the time-pressure, he was clearly outplaying me and playing a calibre higher than I was.



2 thoughts on “Tuesdays Final Round Game

  1. Yeah, crazy game, it was a clear win a few times for each of the sides.
    13… e5 was a first mistake, he could get an advantage by playing 14. cxd5, which is using the fixed position of your knight – 14… Qxd5 15. Ne4 or 14… exd4 15. Ne4 Nxe4 16. Qxe4 g6 17. Qxd4.
    25… Qe3 looks risky and it was, after 26. Qc3 f5 (the best, otherwise Qb6 loses the queen after Rab1) 27. Rf3 Qb6 28. Rb1 Qg6 29. Rg3 Qh7 30. Rxb7 White is much better.
    37… c6 was a good move relieving tension.
    41… Ba6 was premature because of h5, better Qd1 first and then Ba6.
    As soon as you managed to equalize, he started to make serious mistakes.
    His 43. Qc6 and 44. Qb5 were game losing errors because of g5.
    45. Re2 was losing if you would play Rd3+.
    Then it became an equal endgame.
    You are saying that he was outplaying you without time pressure, but he didn’t find a win.
    All in all, I think the draw was a fair result.

  2. Thanks for your analysis! 🙂

    Yes, this game, every time I go over it with an engine get more out of it. I either needed to see something again or missed the value of some line. I looked at your analysis and some of the moves again, and it’s just that there is a lot to learn from this game because the position gets so dynamic even though it seems more technical on the surface facade.

    If you want to see something crazy that you may have missed before, plug in 60…Ka5? and it’s so not obvious at first what is going on in that position, unless you really know this sort of ending cold. The kingside pawns haven’t been fixed yet, and that is what starts the drama. 😉

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