Thursday’s Final Round Game

Final Round


3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Final Round Game

  1. His three mistakes, almost in a row, decided the game.
    First was of course 13. g3, then 16. Bc1 (he could play b5) and 17. Ra2.
    A strange game with a player with such a rating.

  2. Bc1 was a surprise, but it was a candidate move for Stockfish. Black doesn’t have to, but can sac the Nc6 because so much play is coming down the center and kingside. I thought 17.Ra2 was a good move, OTB, because I was looking at sacs starting with Bxf2, then …Qh4+, possibly …Qg3+ and if Ke2, then RxNf3, KxR Rf8+. Can’t say whether this works, but I was looking for a follow-up attack.

    He was upset at himself when he dropped his g-pawn, but you may be surprised to know that he went undefeated in a tournament right before he played me, I believe, and he went undefeated this weekend in a five-round tournament (but got a lot of draws). Yes, I felt lucky that he blundered against me, for sure.

    I’ll have a look at you games.

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