Master Simul

Simul Game

I was the highest rated player playing in the simul, and knew there was a $25 gift certificate for whoever beat Master Friedman first, but didn’t realize that first place was a new wooden chess-board (I was at the drinking fountain when it was announced).  Anyway, Paul gratiously gave me the second place prize because my game lasted the longest (an unrated player drew Joe to get first place).  Paul and Pete didn’t play, probably because of their rating, and so they didn’t want to spoil it by taking the first place prize.  This made sense to me, afterward, assuming that that’s why they didn’t play.

19….Bg5??  I didn’t see that he had the move f3, as in 20.f3!++- until after he played 20.Be3, which is what I thought he would play (21.f3 doesn’t work).  I did see the move 19…Bd7, which seemed correct, yet so passive.  It’s around +.6 after that move, but not so bad for Black.  I mentioned the move f3 to him after the game, that it didn’t work, but I didn’t notice that it was playable the move before.

30….Bd5??  Interesting, right at a natural time-control.  BTW, I am replaying the moves from memory as nobody decided to keep score in any of the games, but I at least remember the first 30 moves accurately.  I was considering between 30….Rd1, and 30….Rd5, and after I came home and had some food, it struck me how obvious that 30…Rd1 is, as 31…Bd5 could come next, and he couldn’t squeeze me with the king there, but should instead realistically take it upon himself to force or offer the draw.



5 thoughts on “Master Simul

  1. RollingPawns, Congratulations on your win on Thursday!

    I tried posting to your blog twice, but it’s not adding it to the comments there. I forgot to save first what I had typed.

  2. Frankly, 19… Bg5 looks too risky and dangerous to me, just from the general point of view.
    Yes, 30… Rd1 was the best, it was a draw, especially taking into account opposite-colored bishops.

    P.S. Sometimes you have to logout and login again in order to leave a comment.

  3. Thanks, yes, I figure it’s something on my end not letting me post, like I can sense it is going to the next page rather than allowing the post button to work properly. Later, it lets me do it without logging out/logging in, but I’ll keep in mind it could decide to that randomly.

    Move 19 was a tough move to chose and find candidate moves for, objectively, hence my active-looking blunder. At the end, Alex mentioned to me that “rooks are claustrophobic.”

    Okay, I’ll check out your game later today when I get back.

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