Just Another Endgame

….that I really shouldn’t have lost, but did so due to bad time-management, time-pressure.

Round 1

I was a bit incredulous that I couldn’t find an advantage out of the opening, and after said I should have played Rfd1 and tried to push the center in a more controlled fashion.  Bottom-line to this game is that I tried to blitz in time-pressure, and it lead me to try blitzing out tactics that could be there, but really weren’t.

After 32 moves, the position was 0.0, but Paul kept moving quickly, and you can see me begin to flail around with my bishop, searching for a tactic or plan, instead of calmly pushing the a-pawn.  This game was thrown into the garbage heap by blitzing, and you can’t win against an Expert like Paul that way when he is determined to merely play for the draw.


4 thoughts on “Just Another Endgame

  1. Just a gut instinct (and you’re better than I am), but I don’t like 15. f4. I would want to push d5 at some point and play to take advantage the space on the queenside (and the c6 square in particular).

  2. Jabari, thanks for your opinion! Actually, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, and that is why I got into time-pressure! Stockfish lked f2-f4-f5, but in hindsight a4 even could have been useful. I could have even played g4 and it would have been the Seven Pawns Attack I joked with him after the game. He wanted me to push my kingside pawns to weaken the cover of my king, so you are onto something for how this position should be practically played.

    He gave me nothing to calculate, which made me spend more time looking for something to calculate (when I should have simply been making moves quickly based on intuition). Even when I was moving my bishop around I was really looking for something to calculate, not playing on intuition so much, and that is how I lost my way.

  3. It looks like you couldn’t decide what plan to choose and wanted to keep all your options open.
    I probably would just keep 3 pawns – “c”, “d” and “e” and attack on the kingside.
    The idea of that endgame to me is not let him move his pawn armada.
    35. Bd5+ would serve that purpose. You had to play 41. Ra3 to stop the pawns.
    42. Ke1 is losing, Ke2 was prolonging the resistance, though it is too late anyway.

  4. Yeah, b4 was a mistake, particularly because he hadn’t committed his pawns yet, but yes, I figured out that I should have gone with the kingside attack, and that is when I started to feel some pressure to just make a decision, so you are right, I was keeping all options open, which is okay but not winning.

    Also, my move order was wrong, with the center-pawns, so I ended up with doubled c-pawns, which was also bad. I wanted to correctly play d5, but didn’t have time to calculate it so went with the poorer move that I could calculate.

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