Another New Opponent

I always like playing someone new, and in the second round  I got a chance to do just that.

9.d5?  His moves to this point were not optimal, but it’s a mistake here to not complete development before extending your pawn center like this.

10.fxe5??  There is actually only one good move in this position, and it’s the one I told him after the game, which is 10.dxNc6, 11.bxc6 when he is just a pawn down here and Black is clearly better.  Well, there are other ways to play but they have even worse issues with them.  One trap I spotted OTB is 10.QxB exf4, 11.Qxf4? Ne5, 12.BxBd7?? Nd3+ forking king and queen.  In that same line, 12.Be2 runs into 12…Ng6 hitting the queen, followed by…Re8, after which White’s center cannot be supported in time.

13….c6.  Believe it or not, I spent quite a bit of time here, mostly on his clock I’d say, looking at 13…Nxd5, 14.exN QxN which is just about as decisive as the game continuation according to Stockfish.  Actually, I didn’t play it because I didn’t like 14.Qc5 NxNc3?!, 15.Qxc3, but Alex pointed out I could play 14….Bc6 there, and the computer liked even more 14…Nf4!, 15.QxBb5 Nxg2+.  Best would have been 13….Ng4, 14.Qf3 Qg5, which I spent quite a bit of time looking at, I just wasn’t seeing how strong it was OTB.

15.Qc3?!  If 15.b4, I was planning to play 15….b5!, tearing at his center, but didn’t even realize until I got home that, for example 15…b6, 16.b5?? was not a threat because I could simply take on b5.

16.cxd5?!  I was expecting 16.exd5, and there isn’t much hope for him after this.

If Jerry hadn’t resigned, I showed him I was going to play, if 17.Qb4 Qc7, but it was Alex who spotted right away that he liked this move because of the threat 18…Ng4, followed by 19…Qc1+, 20.RxQ RxR mate!

Remaining clock-times were 35 minutes for White, 25 minutes for Black, which isn’t something to be too happy about, but also helps explain why the game was so short in terms of moves.








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