Thursday Nights Game

Round 3

I played against Jason L. in this game.  He’s a really sweet kid, and I refer to him by his middle name “Fabio” to others since there are already enough Jasons who play chess.

He resigned on move 36, but I accidentally included the moves I was going to play after that in the game score above.

Once I got down to 16 minutes on my clock, I played terrible starting with 25…Rab8 instead of 25…a5.  I realized that I wasn’t familiar with this type of position and wasn’t going to figure it out in the time remaining.

28.Qc2?  Setting up the first bad piece trade for him.

32…cxd4?  Not the right idea, but the position is around 0.0 here, even.  The right way to play was 32…c3!, and now the main point after 33.Rb3 c4!!, 34.Rxc Bf8 winning the b4 pawn, and giving Black a -1 advantage.  As it was, he could have taken on c5 with the pawn rather than the knight, then I would played …Re8 and then the position would have become a mess, but equal.  The knight recapture came as a pleasant surprise, and I was happy to come out of this game with a win.



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