Tuesday’s Game

Round 3

I played a new opponent last night, a Class A player who regularly plays in Ohio.  It is a rare technical game where you’d need to look for small improvements, particularly for White’s play.  He played very well, nearly always chosing the most aggressive option.  He offered a draw when I was down to 2 min 23 sec, and him at 12 min, 59 sec.  He thought that I might continue 30.d4 exd4, 31.Bxd4, then I pointed out 31…Qc6, 32.e5 after that  He was nervous that I would play for that e5 move, but I showed him that it’s good for him in the post-mortem.

I told him after the game that his …Ng4 didn’t achieve anything and was best left on f6, and I thought we might get into this variation where we both win each others e-pawn.  When he attacked me with that move, I began to play quickly and gain time, and I think that shocked him a bit as he was enjoying thinking on my clock up to that point.

I never would have even considered playing 30.d4 in that position.  I was planning on playing 30.Kg2.  Stockfish suggests both 30.Kg2 and 30.Rc1, giving a 0.0 evaluation for both moves.  I spent 24 seconds considering his draw offer, and agreed to it with 1 min 59 sec remaining on my clock.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Game

  1. Pretty calm flow of events. I would play 15… e5 rather than 15. dxe4.
    It was reasonable for you to accept his draw offer having only 2 minutes in an equal position.

  2. Right. Instead of 15…dxe4, I was half-expecting 15…h6, followed by 16…d4, and then I play Qd3 or Qe2. I’m with you, although Stockfish was more appreciative of his move. hehe. It all worked out well for him, so I’d have to come up with something better as White for next time.

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