End of Week Games

Round 4 Thursdays.

28.Nc3  I saw the mate 28.Nxf6! before he played 27…h6, knowing that I was just winning there, but then forgot how it worked after I got back to the table and he moved.

Rocky Mountain Team Chess Challenge – Side Event Quads

Round 1

I still had 18 minutes on my clock when Alexander proposed a draw in a position that Stockfish has as =+ in his favor.  I should have played Qb3 instead of Rc1, but things always become a little clearer after a game.  It also said I should play g5, and considered that, but was reluctant to in a G/45 match.

Round 2

My first-time opponent was placed in this quad based on his 1774 blitz rating.  He recently finished a 16 round blitz event, going 8/16, and finishing ahead of an A player who was once an Expert, and 1.5 ahead of Sara in that tournament as well.  Unfortunately, he lost all three games in this quad, his first three slow-rated games, so his initial provisional rating will probably come out rather low.

Round 3

I played the terrible move …e5 because I needed a win, and a queenside pawn majority was the only decisive strategy that I could come up with (hence, wanting to trade the e-pawn).  Sara only a draw to win the quad.  I should have played something other than QGD, and should have avoided trading pieces.  This was my worst played game, but I hung in there long enough to see her finally blitz out a bad move that made her position more difficult.  In the end, she should have pushed her b-pawn, her final mistake.

Well, I am off to play five rounds of quick-chess today.  G/24, 5 sec increment.



2 thoughts on “End of Week Games

  1. Round 1 – it looks like an equal play from the beginning.
    I would probably hesitate to play g4 after the castle.

    Round 2 – 13. b4 was definitely a bad idea. 22. Ne5 is a common amateur’s mistake – to counterattack when his piece attacked. 21. Kg2 was better than Nf3, still White is worse.

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