Short Circuit

I’ve played eleven rounds of chess this week, and at least three rounds every week this month, never mind any chess I may have studied or played on the internet.

In this Quick Chess tournament I won my first round in convincing style, and then was ready to go home, particularly after two rounds; it was an ominous feeling.  Note:  This tournament does not count toward my Classical/”slow-chess”/Standard rating.

Round 1

Round 2

If you didn’t know this was a quick chess game, you will once you realize for how many moves the mate-in-one hung there for.

Round 3

The most ridiculous game of the night, and it only took all of about ten minutes for the entire game.  I felt as though he blitzed me into the loss, as I had just drank two Dr. Pepper’s, which made me jittery, and I was trying to keep up with him, as it’s difficult to have a sense of how much time you have in a blitz/quick game when your opponent doesn’t stop blitzing himself.  As soon as I took his a2 pawn, I let out a loud groan, and then I touched his b3 pawn and resigned.

Round 4

Move 15.Qf3?  The short-circuit moment in this game.  I wanted to play 15.Nf3, but thought that I couldn’t because of Bg4 pin, but as soon as I moved I wanted to slap myself for not playing it because my h3 move had already prevented Bg4.  Stockfish says 15.Nf3 is best move, after a minute or two (+1.2).  Qf3 only makes sense in the line 15.Bxe4 Qxc4, 16.Qf3, which is the second-best line.  After that, I was like the boxer who never saw it comin’, punch drunk.

Round 5

In this game, at which point I was no longer concerned about the result of this tournament, I was delusional thinking that 19.Nxc7 was an easy win (-.75), but that 19.Bc3 looked more like an interesting, tighter win where we could still have a long game (-1.5).  Well, the reality was that my move was losing, and the other move barely drawing.

Well, after I played 22.Bxe5, I immediately saw 22…f4+.  I ended up flagging in a lost position.  I felt like my brain was barely functional over my last three rounds.

I went to this tournament because it was in my hometown of Fountain, but I don’t have any further plans to attend Quick Chess tournaments because they are simply too fast for me.  Hopefully this did some good for my mental skills at high-speed chess, and that is why I attended this event.

BTW, after I resigned my game with Daniel, the two of us continued to blitz from that position as if the mistake hadn’t happened, and he checkmated me two times.  I think that this wore us both out going into the next round because Daniel lost a game many of us thought he might win, against Justin, and I blundered against Rhett.





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