Tuesday’s Game

Round 4

I played against Dean’s Scotch-like system, wondering if he had come up with an improvement, but he let me get in the new move first, …Rb8, and then let himself get into a tough spot where he really needed to find the right move, and he couldn’t quite pull that off.  After I won the piece, I had a whole hour on my clock to enjoy playing the endgame with!






3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Game

  1. I didn’t like his 12. b3, it really weakened his position.
    Computer confirmed it and gave an alternative – 12. Nd2, with following Nb3.
    Of course you can’t take on b2 because of the same Nb3.
    17. N4f3 was better on move 16 and 17 too.
    On move 30 you could win on the spot with dxc3, in both lines :
    31. Rxd5 Rxd5 32. Rxd5 c2 33. Rc5 Rf1 or
    31. Rc2 Bxg2+ you are winning.
    In the end in was a matter of technique.

  2. Yes, I realized by the next game on Thursday that taking on b2 was a phony threat in the immediate term. Simply Nd2, trade on d2 (he loses two tempos in next game by still not realizing this, or being too afraid to play it).

    I saw 30.dxc3 OTB and calculated both of those lines, but decided not to play it anyway. Against an 1800+, I would have played it, but he being 400 pts below me made me not want to take a risk that I could have missed something, and in this case I figure i was winning anyway.

    I talked about this before, that it’s more difficult to have such courage when playing down because according to ratings, if you lose to them it’s like 30 points and it’s difficult to get it back. Atharva, just over 1800 rating, went 4 out of 5 on Thursday and lost 4 rating points. I think that’s truly f’d up, but that’s how ratings work when playing down. There should be two sections on Thursday, and upper and lower, as it’s simply too risky to play that far down all of the time. You have to play far above your rating just to keep your rating.

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