Cabin Fever Reliever Day 1

This is a four round event.  The first two rounds were held Tuesday night, and the last two rounds will be held next Tuesday.  Time control is G/30, d/10

Round 1

Round 2


2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Reliever Day 1

  1. Round 1 – no comment, I just hope you didn’t lose any rating points for that win. 🙂
    Round 2 – the book move for 3. e4 is h6.
    So it becomes some kind of Alekhine defense, not sure you intended that.
    I wouldn’t play d5, as after c5 you are worse.
    Queens exchange was definitely better for him.
    31… f6 and 33… Bxe6 were big mistakes, maybe caused by a time trouble.
    It was a tough game and maybe could go a different way if not for the opening.
    I myself hate this Bg5 move and never knew what to do against it.

  2. Round 1 – lol!

    Round 2 – Yes, I wanted to steer it into Alekhine’s, but wasn’t thrilled with the variation, and …Ne7 recapture much stronger than the queen recapture, since …Qb4 isn’t so hot, yet it was my original intention (this is what happens when you only look a couple of moves ahead at a time, you change your mind once you get there).

    The queen’s trade was possible the #1 biggest mistake of the game. Also …Qf6 was terrible, I should have bit the bullet and played ….Nf6 there. Also, setting up queenside tension is one thing, and it’s not the most comfortable thing to maintain, but that is better that relieving it. Also, I played …Bb7 later than I should have.

    I like playing against the Trompowsky, since I am essentially switching from a 1.d4 opening, into a 1.e4 opening, by transposing into either the French Defense, or an Alekhine’s as you just saw, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be rusty in those openings either; it just means you are more likely to see quite a few mistakes from both sides. 😉 To his credit, he had lines he could chose from where the play is simple, whereas Black generally doesn’t have that luxury, so at this time-control that will be even more effective for White, yes.

    3.e4 did take me by surprise, and I thought if 3…Ng8, then h4 Alekhine-Chatard attack. If 3…h6, then 4.Bh4 d6 would be more likely my response, with …e5 rather than …d5. It does take a while to choose here sometimes, getting bearings.

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